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201 Will of Sarah Vail, (nee Farrington) widow, of Samuel Vail, dated July 23, 1754, proved December 16, 1756. "I, Sarah Vail, of the Borroughtown of Westchester, widow, being indisposed. I leave to my grand son Isaac Vail, son of my son Matthew Vail, a bond for 9 pounds made by James Farrington. (Sarah's brother.) I leave to my daughter Elizabeth Vail, all the rest of my estate, real and personal, and she is to pay to my son Matthew 7 pounds. 'As to my daughter Sarah, I have already given to her what I am able. Lastly, I appoint my son-in-law Thomas Vail (stepson?) and my said daughter Elizabeth, executors of this my last Will and Testament." Signed by Sarah (X) Vail. Her mark. Witnessed by Mary Vail, Thomas Vail, Jr., and John Barton. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. V, p 150, published by The New York Historical Society.

Mary Vail who witnessed Sarah's Will was the wife of Thomas Vail, Jr. Thomas was the stepson and not the son-in-law of Sarah Vail, above mentioned. Mary Vail was a daughter of John Griffin.  
Sarah Farrington
202 Susannah Farrington left a will dated March 20, 1784, probated March 18, 1789, Yonkers, Westchester County, New York in which she appointed Isaac Lawrence and Anthony Valentine executors. Both of whom relinquished executorship. Letters of Administration were granted to James Farrington of Yonkers. Susannah Farrington
203 1640. Thomas signed an agreement to settle at Southampton, and along with his brother Edward, owed money to the town of Southampton.

August 31, 1654. Thomas Appelgate, pltf. v/s William Harck, deft., requests, as Grandfather of the surviving child of Thomas Farrington, that deft. shall deliver up to him the goods and cattle, which he as Curator of the said child has in his possession according to the judgment of the Hon. Director General and Council. Deft. states, that three were chosen and appointed with him as Guardians and must be summoned conjointly and offers to give over to pltf. what he has in his possession belonging to the child, provided that Appelgat shall give sufficient security for the faithful administration of the property. Parties being heard, it is ordered by the Court, that Appelgat may cite Harck and the other Guardians to appear on the next Court day and if they then are willing to deliver up to Appelgat or have no valid reason, then shall Appelgat be held to give other than sufficient security for his proper administration thereof. "Records of New Amsterdam From 1653-1674, Anno Domini, Minutes of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens 1653-1655." edited by Berthold Fernow, Vol I. 1967.

Thomas Appelgat (Applegate), was the father of Helena Applegate, wife of Thomas Farrington, and thier son was Thomas Farrington, Jr.  
Thomas Farrington
204 July 11, 1672. Document 22:135a, p 185 "List compiled by Constable Joseph Palmer of Westchester of Clothing Stolen by Capt. William Lawrence's Negro. This is the account of what lining which.... or found by search of the lining which was stol.... (stolen by?) Lawrence' s negro, Flushing and rescued by the negores ( )Captain Morris, Thomas FARINTUN, (FARRINGTON) one Shurt (shirt), ? pairs of trusares; one holon shurt, one nec( ) hanni one neckcloth;" Others listed who had items stolen by William Lawrence's Negro, Miles Oakley, John ( ), Thomas stane ( ). "New York Historical Manuscripts, English, Vol. XXII, Administrative Papers of Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, 1664-1673, Edited by Peter R. Christoph, Published under the Direction of The Holland Society of New York," republished, Gen. Pub. Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD 1980.

September 29, 1675. Inventory of the estate of George Tippetts of Yonkers, late deceased, taken by Thomas Hunt, Sr., of Westchester, Wm. Hayden of Eastchester and Edward Griffin, of Flushing. "Tract of land and meadow he purchased of Elias Doughty, with the new dwelling house, orchard and barn." 100 pounds. Debts owing to Captain John Manning, "Blydenburgh of New York," Robert Story, Thomas Pritchard, John Cooley, Timothy Winter, Westchester, THOMAS FARRINGTON, Westchester, John Adding, John Baker of Fordham, John Veale of Westchester.  
Thomas Farrington
205 Marriage record; "Society of Friends" in town of Harrison, contributed by Charles W. Baird of Rye, New York.

Will of Thomas Farrington, Rye, Westchester County, New York, March 24, 1761, proved Mach 24, 1767 before David Dayton. "Know ye that I, Thomas Farrington of Rye in Westchester County, being of sound mind." I leave to my wife Kesiah one third of my personal estate with the privilege of having the best room in my dwelling house, and one third of the furniture during her natural life. I leave to my eldest son John Farrington, "five shillings in full consideration of his legacy." I leave to my daughter Lydey Farrington 15 pounds to be paid by her brother Stephen; also the best feather bed, and the best table, and one brass kettle, twelve good pewter plates, two pewter platters, an iron pot, six chairs, two cows and my best Bible. I leave to my son Sephen all my farm lying in Harrison's Purchase, in the town of Rye, being 100 acres and all the rest of my movable estate. I make my trusty well-beloved friends, Thomas Vail and John Cromwell executors. Witnessed by Elias Clapp, John Clapp, Jr., John Clapp. Quakers. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. VII, published by The New York Historical Society. 
Thomas Farrington
206 Somehow I don't agree that this is the correct placement of this Thomas Farrington who named his sons, viz, Thomas, born about 1740, Benjamin, born about 1742, Robert, born about 1744, Jonas, born May 26, 1754, and Marston, born 1756. The subject Thomas did not name a son Edmund, Edward, Matthew, etc.

Margaret's father Cornelius Marston refers to his daughter Margaret as NOW the wife of Thomas Farrington of Westchester County, and refers to his property at Jamaica, Flushing and "elsewhere."

Meanwhile, we have Thomas Farrington (9) born about 1650, Flushing, who was owed money in 1675 from George Tippett of Yonkers, according to the latter's inventory taken in 1675.

Thomas Valentine, born November 29, 1712, died December 21, 1796, Westchester County, was a son of Matthew Farrington and Hannah Embree, who married Susan Oakley. One of Matthew Farrington's daughters, Jane Farrington, born in Flushing, New York married a John NORRIS.

Until substantiated with further documented information, this cannot be accepted as an accurate genealogy.  
Thomas Farrington
207 Thomas Farrington of Westchester, Westchester County, New York, yeoman left a will dated March 1, 1809 in which he devised all of his estate to his wife, Margaret Farrington. Executors were Margaret Farrington and John Valentine. Witnessed by Jas. Billens, Sylvanus Bender, Anthony B. Haviland. Proved August 9, 1809. "Abstracts of Wills Recorded at White Plains, Westchester County, New York," published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 60, p 152. Thomas Farrington
208 According to a descendant, Grace Valentine, Josephine Feris's father owned several lumber schooners and lived on an estate on the Five Mile River in Rowayton, CT. Ebenezer was a ship's captain for Ferris. Apparently all was lost in the 1880's lumber panic. Received from Norman Valentine.  Josephine Ferris
209 Rachel was baptized July 3, 1876 (adult?) as the daughter of John Finch and Catharine Valentine. Rachel Finch
210 MULTER-Edith died unexpectedly at the age of 88 in Miami Beach, FL on Monday April 3, 2000. Admired by all who knew her for her joie de vivre, independence and youthful intellect. Beloved wife of the late Charles. Cherished mother of Carole and David Watnick, and Ira and Karen Multer. Adoring grandmother of Emily, Jonathan, David, Linda, Scott and Max. Loving great grandmother of Alex, Graham, Nicholas, Monica, Gabe, Rachel and Kyle. She is also survived by a sister Carrie and a brother Albert & his wife Shirley. The pleasure she took in life and her family will be an inspiration to those who loved her dearly. They will sorely miss her extraordinary presence. Service on Thursday, 9:30 AM at ''Riverside Memorial Chapel'', 21 West Broad Street, Mt. Vernon, New York.

- NY Times, April 5, 2000 
Edith Fine
211 Tombstone: "Miriam Fisher, died 25 January 1861, age 82".

Mirriam Fisher was a great granddaughter of Isaac Lawrence, son of Thomas Lawrence of Newtown, progenitor of the Eastchester branch of the Lawrence family and relative of Charity Williams. (Read Arnaud) 
Mariam Fisher
212 1870, July 14. Hohokus Township, Ramsey Post Office, Bergen County, New Jersey Federal Census. Michael Fisher, age 80, farmer, Ellen Fisher, age 68, Rachel May, age 42. Property valued at $5,000.00. Personal property valued at $500.00. Michael Fisher
213 Also known as Cornelius Forshea. Baptized April 22, 1843. Died at age 29, March 29, 1868.

May 21, 1804. Captain Abraham Forshea of the Township of Franklin, and Elizabeth, his wife, conveyed to George Lawrence of the Township of Franklin 10 acres for $515.00, at a place called Hollebargh in the Township of Franklin, beginning at the northwest corner of said lot on the Publick Road that leads from Paramus to the Colve being a corner of the land of said Abraham Foshee; mentioned a survey taken in 1798, land of Harmanus Van Zile, land formerly belonging to the Zabriskies, land of Garret Hopper, front of house of said Garret Hopper, Public Road, bounded by land of said Abraham Foshee, east by land of Harmanus Van Zile, (Van Zie?), south by land formerly Zabriskie's and Garret Hopper by Public Road. Signed by Abraham Foshee, Elizabeth Foshee (her mark), witnessed by Garret A. Ackerman and Jacob Bamper (Bumper). Recorded August 21, 1805, Deed Book V:87. (copy of original) 
Cornelius Foshay
214 Died December 26, 1910, age 47. In 1900 Cornelius and his wife, Lavina (nee Valentine) Foshay, age 28, were living with Cornelius Foshay's mothe Cornelius Foshay
215 Abigail's father, Henry Fowler of Eastchester, in his will dated March 3, 1730, proved December 5, 1738, Eastchester, Westchester County, New York, stated; "To my daughter Abigail Morgan, 5 shillings she having received her portion already."  Abigail Fowler
216 Will of Benjamin Fowler, Sr., yeoman, of Yonkers in Philipsburgh, Westchester County, New York, dated May 20, 1786, proved June 6, 1786. "To my wife Sarah, the one fourth part of all my movable estate; to my son Vincent, all my land, that lay on the South of the road, by my house to Henry Odell's; he (my son) paying 100 pounds toward paying for same land; to my son Josiah, the other part of my land, that is all the land that lies on the north of the road that leads to Hendry Odell's, he, the said Josiah, paying 200 pounds to my other son, Benjamin; but in case my sons Josiah and Benjamin should die, my son Vincent to have the whole of my farm; Vincent to pay 200 pounds to the executors, by them to be equally divided with my movable estate; to my grandson Benjamin Fowler, 5 pounds to be paid out of my movable estate; my movable estate to be sold, the moneys so arising to be divided as follows; to my wife one fourth part, as above mentioned; to my daughter Hannah, one fourth part, out of which one third to be given to her son Frederick; one fourth part to my daughter Ann, one third of which to be given to my son Frederick's daughter, Jenny; the other fourth part to my son-in-law and daughter, Dennis and Isabelle Post. I make my son Vincent, son-in-law, Dennis Post, and Isaac Vermilyea, Sr., my executors." Witnessed by Jonothan Odell, Phillips Manor, yeoman, Jacob Odell, James D. Hannah, schoolmaster. "Abstracts of Wills, " Vol. XIV, p 3-4, published by The New York Historical Society.  Benjamin Fowler
217 1744. Elijah Fowler's father devised to him the dwelling house where he was living, along with the barn and mill house. Land bounded by the fresh meadow was devised to his Elijah's brother Stephen Fowler, by John Fowler's land.
Elijah Fowler
218 Will of Grace (Fowler) Hunt dated May 26, 1722, proved December 8, 1724 "Of Borrough Town of Westchester, widow of John Hunt, late of Westchester. Grace named sons, viz, Joshua, to whom she gave a silver tumbler and Bible, Jeremiah to whom she gave 30 shillings, James, 1 shilling, John and Obadiah to whom she gave a black chest and all sheep and lambs. To her daughter Hannah Underhill, a bed and furniture, 2 pillows and cover lids and red and white worsted stocking, and a red cupboard. All else in the house she gave to her son John Hunt. To daughter-in-law Sara Conklin, bed and bolster, and Deborah Baxter. Son John to have all other household items. "Abstracts of Wills, Vol. II, published by The New York Historical Society.  Grace Fowler
219 Descendants of Henry Fowler partially extracted from "Descendants of Henry Fowler of Roxbury, Mass., Providence, R. I., Eastchester and Mamaroneck, New York", Contributed by Theresa Hall Broistol (Mrs. Robert Dewey Bristol), Member of the Publication Committee of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, assisted by Abraham Hatfield, Trustee and Librarian, published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record beginning with Volume 58, p. 257.
Henry Fowler
220 Married (2) Sarah???

Will of Henry Fowler, Sr., dated March 3, 1730, proved December 5, 1732, Eastchester, in the County of Westchester. "Being in health of body, I leave my wife SARAH, the use of my dwelling house and garden during the time she remains my widow and 1/3 of my movables. I leave to my "eldest son" not named. I leave to my son Henry, 5 shillings, he having received the rest of his portions already. To my daughter, Abigail Morgan, 5 shillings, she having received her portion already. To my son Moses, 5 shillings, he having received his portion already. To my son-in-law John Ward, 5 shillings. I leave to my son William Fowler 2 2/2 acres of land in Eastchester on the northernmost side of the Boston road as the said land was laid out by Palmer Doughty, Abraham Hyatt and others. I also leave him 20 pounds. To my daughter Susanah Ferris, 5 shillings, she having received her portion. The test of my movable estate is to go to my said daughters and to my grand-daughter, Freelove Ward. I leave my son John Fowler, all and singular my houses, tenements, messuages and buildings, to him and his heirs forever. I make my sons Moses and William executors." Witnessed by Elijah Taylor, John Miner, John Cuer. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. III, p 132-3, published by The New York Historical Society. 
Henry Fowler
221 Will of Henry Fowler, dated July 2, 1734, proved July 12, 1734, Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York. To eldest son (not named) "10 shillings and 1/3 of all my wearing clothes and 1/3 of all my armour, in full for his claim as my eldest son and heir at law. To my second son Henry, the dwelling house and lot, and all land thence upward until it shall include my fields called Winfield, and all of which lyeth, (description) and to ye Manor of Scarsdale, also 1/2 of all my salt meadow, also 1/2 my wearing clothes and 1/2 my armour. To my third son Gilbert, Headly field so called with the Hammocks, (description), on the east side of the road to Manor of Scarsdale, also 1/2 of my salt meadow and 20 acres of land. My son Henry to pay Joseph Fowler, the eldest child of my son Joseph Fowler, 20 pounds on December 25, 1740. Also Henry is to pay my granddaughters, Sarah, wife of Underhill Budd and Jane, wife of William Barker, each 10 pounds on December 25, 1742. All of the rest of my lands and tenements to my sons Henry and Gilbert. My youngest daughter Anne Fowler, all the wearing apparel and clothes that did belong to her mother, my late wife, also 80 pounds when she is 18. " Executors appointed were, "my brother Moses Fowler of Eastchester"and Mr. Daniel Purdy of Rye. Witnessed by Joseph Sutton, John Horton and John Horton, Sr. "Abstracts of Wills," Voll III, p 151, published by The New York Historical Society.  Henry Fowler, Jr.
222 Jeremiah is assumed to have married his first wife, unknown about 1719 before he was of age and to have settled on the 112 acre tract of land in Faulkner's Patent (Fox Meadow in Scarsdale), which his father had purchased from Caleb Heathcote in 1717. The land was deeded to Jeremiah in January 1721/22 by his father, Jeremiah (son of Henry 1.)

In 1723 Jeremiah Fowler, Jr., recorded his earmark of his cattle and was appointed assessor for Scarsdale. In the same year his father died and devised him only an acre of salt meadow "at a place called "Ye Pines", in Eastchester which he had purchased from Jacob Laswrence.

By December 7, 1728, Jeremiah Fowler had moved to Eastchester when with his oldest brother, Lieut. Joseph Fowler, one of the executors of their deceased father's estate, he sold the farm in Fox Meadow to his cousin William Fowler (son of William Fowler 2, son of Henry l.) taking a note of hand, and ten days later purchased from Samuel Thorn and Esther his wife, a homestead in Westchester.  
Jeremiah Fowler, Esq.
223 Will of Jeremiah Fowler, dated September 26, 1723, proved December 23, 1723. "I, Jeremiah Fowler, of East Chester, being very sick. I leave to my wife, Elizabeth the use of my now dwelling house, lands and meadows within the Patent of East Chester, during her widowhood, and also one half of my movables. I leave to my well-beloved daughter, Abigail Taylor, 23 pounds. I leave to my daughter Mary, one half of my movables, to be kept in the hands of my wife until she comes of age. If my wife marries, the other half of the movables are to be sold and the money put at interest for the benefit of my daughter Mary, till she is of age. I leave to my son Joseph, all the lands and meadows I bought of Roger Barton, except a slip of land which lies at the north end of said lands, which I give to my son Jonothan, together with 10 acres of land joining thereto, called and known by the name of "Virginia." The slip of land is bounded as follows: Beginning at the black stump near the land which is ye bounds of the land I bought of Jacob Lawrence, and running westerly from thense to a great Buttonwood tree, (which?) said strip of land and the ten acres I give to my son Jonothan. I also give him the half of the piece of land which I bought of Walter Thong of New York lying in the bounds of Westchester. Also a said lot of salt meadow lying at a place called by the name of the Hammocks, which I bought of John Pinckney; also a 45 pound privilege in the Patent of East Chester. I leave to my son Joseph, the other half of said land I bought of Walter Thong. I leave to my son Jeremiah one acre of salt meadow which I bought of Jacob Lawrence lying at a place called the Pieres' I leave to my son Samuel my now dwelling house and home lot with all lands adjoining to it, with the buildings and orchards; Also a three-acre lot of salt meadow lying at Hutchinsons; Also a 45 pound privilege within the Patent of East Chester, and he is to have these at the time of the death or marriage of his mother. I leave to my son Abraham all my lands and privileges and divisions of land as shall hereafter be laid out in the Patent of Colonel Peartree and others called by the name of the Long Reach; Also a lot of salt meadow which I bought of Richard Osborne, lying at a place called the Hammocks. I make my wife Elizabeth and my son Joseph, executors. Witnessed by Nathaniel Frost, Tobias Remo, John Cuer. "Abstracts of Wills" Vol. II, published by the New York Historical Society.  Jeremiah Fowler
224 Will of Joseph Fowler, dated June 16, 1725, proved June 16, 1725, Rye, Westchester County, New York. I, Joseph Fowler of Rye, in the County of Westchester, being sick and weak. My tract of land in the Town of Rye, commonly called Brown's Point, and which I purchased of John Haywood, and 50 acres of land out of my farm or land in Harrisons' Purchase, adjoining to Bloomnunel and Thomas Merritt's land, are to be sold by my executors for the payment of debts. The rest of my estate is to be divided between my two sons, Benjamin and James Fowler. My wife Phebe Fowler, is to have the use of the farms till sold, or till my sons are of age. I leave to my son Josiah 80 pounds, and to my son Charles, when of age, 80 pounds, and to my daughter Martha, 20 pounds. I make my wife Phebe and my brother Benjamin Fowler of Flushing, and my father-in-law Thomas Hunt my executors. Witnessed by John Fowler, William Punderson, John Carhart. "Abstracts of Wills," Vp;l. II, p 293-4, published by The New York Historical Society.  Joseph Fowler
225 Dr. Henry Fowler made a will, probated September 1803, Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, in which he named his sons, Frederick, Alexander, Augustus, James and Barnabas; daughters, Phebe and Hannah Fowler.

Tombstone: "Phebe Valentine died at age 49.9.20". "Valentines in America 1644-1874", Thomas Weston Valentine.

Phebe Fowler
226 Reuben Fowler was probably born about 1722 at Fox Meadow in Scarsdale, the year his father received a deed to the land on which he was then living, from his father, Jeremiah Fowler of Eastchester. Reuben Fowler is wrongly given in "The Fowlers of America" as son of Jeremiah, son of William Fowler of Flushing, who settled in Harrisons Purchase in Rye, and died at Hempstead Harbor, although that Jeremiah Fowler made no mention of a son Reuben in his will of 1766.

Fox Meadow in Scarsdale where Reuben Fowler was born, was settled by Eastchester families, and extended along the Bronx River north from the Eastchester line to White Plains. Reuben Fowler's father owned the land there adjoining the land of Samuel Drake and his wife, Mary Fowler, daughter of Henry Fowler of Eastchester. Mary (Fowler) Drake was first cousin to Reuben Fowler's father.

Reuben, as the oldest son of Jeremiah Fowler who died intestate at Westchester, was probably heir to most of his father's property. In 1748 and in 1751 Reuben Fowler served as juror in the Westchester Court of Common Pleas, and in 1753 he witnessed the will of Jonothan Ferris of Throg's Neck in Westchester. In 1756 Reuben Fowler of Westchester, purchased land on Throg's Neck from John Mollineaux and Elizabeth his wife, of the same place. At that time Reuben was a cordwainer. It has not been determined when Reuben Fowler moved to Cortlandt Manor.

In 1765 Reuben Fowler of Cortlandt Manor, mortgaged to Stephen Johnson of Perth Amboy, NJ, farm number 14 in North Lot number one, on the north side of the road leading from Crompond Meeting house to Cornelius Mandeville's at Peekskill. It was the farm Reuben Fowler had purchased from James Lent, and was bounded by land of John Lee, Farm No. 13, land which Jeremiah Drake had purchased from James Lent, and land of Benjamin Barton.

Reuben Fowler died at Cortlandt Manor soon after making his will in 1777. He was then "very sick."
According to his will Reuben Fowler devised to his wife Jane, one thirteenth of his estate and the use of all until their youngest child came of age; one thirteenth each to sons, Stephen (less twenty pounds already received), Jeremiah, Reuben, James and John; the same to daughters, Abigail, Anne, Mary and Phoebe (each less twenty pounds already received), and Sarah, Jane and Dorothy. The executors were his wife and son, Reuben. Witnesses, Jeremiah Drake, John Ferris and Loue Creesy Hughson.

Because Reuben's wife had the use of the estate until their youngest child came of age, it appears it was not admitted to probate until that time. or after May 25, 1785. The two Reubens, father and son, have also been confused because the estate was not settled until 1785, and the older Reuben Fowler had been given the Revolutionary service of his son, Reuben. Reuben Fowler, the father, was too old to have done active service, the required ages being 16 - 50.

"Descendants of Henry Fowler of Roxbury, Mass., Providence, R. I., Eastchester and Mamaroneck, N. Y., " contributed by Theresa Hall Bristol (Mrs. Robert Dewey Bristol), F. G. B. S., and Abraham Hatfield, published New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 1937. 
Reuben Fowler
227 Will dated September 17, 1807 Stephen Fowler
228 Bondsmen to the marriage were Gilbert Valentine and Vincent Fowler.

Robert Rhead (Reed), of Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, made a will dated January 13, 1810, In which devised to his wife part of the farm until their son Aaron comes of age. To son Oliver, four lots and land with house on the east side of the road adjoining Vincent Fowler's land, and land next the Saw Mill River. Daughter Jane Rhead was named, along with daughters Hannah Orsser, Sarah, Anna and Charlotte. Executors, his brother, Archer Rhead and son, Oliver Rhead. Witnesses. Caleb Smith, Jr., Anthony Archer and Abraham Fowler. Proved January 16, 1810. "Abstracts of Wills, White Plains, Westchester County, New York, " published in the NY GBRecord. 
Vincent Fowler
229 It has not been determined if the following will belongs to this William Fowler.

Will of "William Fowler, Sr., dated December 8, 1711, proved March 25, 1712. I, William Fowler Sr., of Eastchester in the County of Westchester, being sick. I leave to my wife Judy, all movable estate. I leave to my son William Fowler, Jr., all my lands that I bought of Edward Avery, with the house and barn. Also 25 acres I bought of Joseph Morgan, and a 12 pound, 10 shilling right of Commonage in East Chester Old Patent. My wife is to have her livlihood out of the same during her life. All the rest of my estate, to wit, my now dwelling house and home lot which I formerly bought of Joseph Morgan, with two acres of salt meadow lying at a place called Davis Neck, and a 25 pound right of Commonage, in the Old and New Patents in the Town of Eastchester. I leave to my brother, George Fowler of the Town of Hempstead on Long Island, whom I make my executor. Witnessed by Roger Barton, Jeremiah Fowler, Edward Fitzgerald. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol II, published by The New York Historical Society.

Note that William names his brother George Fowler of the Town of Hempstead. 
William Fowler
230 Will of William Fowler dated January 24, 1711, proved May 25, 1714 "In the name of God, Amen. I, William Fowler of Flushing in Queens County, yeoman, being in perfect health. I leave to my son John Fowler, 240 acres of land which is one half of the land which is not yet disposed of in the lot commonly called No. 2, lying in the bounds of Rye, in Harrison's Patent, in Westchester County; and is bounded north by Lot No. 3, east by Blind Brook, west by the division line, and south by the division which shall be made by my executors. I leave to my son Joseph Fowler, 240 acres, which is the other part of the said tract, bounded east by Blind Brook and Thomas Meritt, south by the land of Jonothan Haight, west by land I have given to my son William, and north by the division line to be made by my executors. With all the houses and appurtenances. My son Joseph is to pay to my daughter Sarah, 30 pounds, when she is 18, and to my daughter Hannah, the same. And whereas I have another tract in said Patent called No. 7, and an addition which I bought of Samuel Haight, in all 900 acres. It shall be divided among my three sons, Jeremiah, Thomas and Henry, when of age, and they shall also have 15 pounds each. I leave to my son Benjamin, my shop and tools of the smith's trade. I leave to my daughters, Mary Dusenbury, a Negro girl, and to my daughter Rebecca another, and 30 pounds each. To my daughters Sarah and Hannah, 20 pounds. My wife is to have possession of all lands on Long Island during widowhood, or until my son Benjamin is of age. I leave to my son Benjamin Fowler, all my lands and meadows in Flushing, and he shall pay to his mother 100 pounds and 25 pounds to each of my daughters, Rebecca, Sarah and Hannah. I make my wife, Mary Fowler, and Jeremiah Fowler of Eastchester, and William Thorne of Flushing executors." Witnessed by Joseph Hunt, Thomas Cook, Daniel Clarke. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. II, published by The New York Historical Society.  William Fowler
231 There are three Phebe Valentines interred St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Westchester County, New York.

Tombstone: "Phebe Valentine died August 14, 1840, aged 49 yrs. 9 mos. 20 days." (b 1791)

Tombstone: "Phebe Valentine who died December 11, 1854, aged 63 yrs. 9 mos. 11 days." (b 1791)

Tombstone: "Phebe Jane Valentine Died Novovember 11, 1849, aged 24 yrs, 5 mos. 12 days." (b 1825)  
Phebe (Ann) Fowler?
232 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
233 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
234 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
235 Baptized December 12, 1756, Tappan. Witnesses, Petrus Haring and Elizabeth Ryken.

At age 16, Abraham joined the King's Orange Rangers commanded by Samuel V. Bayard. Saw action in the battles of Kingsbidge Heights and Harlem Heights. He was with Sir Henry Clinton in his norhtern expeidition, and present at the storming and taking of Fort Montgomery. After purchasing his commission from Captain Bethel, he was elevated to Major. He took refuge with the British army in 1776 and was evacuated to Nova Scotia with the King's Orange Rangers in 1779. Attached to the Halifax garrison, the King's Orange Ranger's mission was to deter rebel privateer raids.

In 1793 after the Revolutionary War, he settled in Belle Isle, Nova Scotia where later he accepted appointment to the bench of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas.
Abraham Gesner
236 Studied medicine at St. Bartholomew's hospital under Dr. Abernethy. Studied surgery at Guy's hospital in London, England under Sir Astley Cooper. Returned to Nova Scotia in 1824, and settled at Parrsboro to practice medicine. Became an avid geologist, resulting in an appoitment to the Provincial Geologist of the Province of New Brunswick, moved to St. John. 1852 moved to the Gesner Homested in Cornwallis and resumed his practice in medicine. Abraham Pineo (Pineau) Gesner
237 Also recorded that Anna Gissner was born about 1775 Tarrytown, Westchester County, New York and died there; married October 19, 1793 Joshua Brush. Ann Gesner
238 Baptized March 8, 1761, Tappan. Witnesses, Jacob Conklin and Hester, his wife. Cornelius Gesner
239 Baptized December 29, 1745, Tappan. Witnesses, Isaac Blauvelt and Elizabeth, his wife.  Elizabeth Gesner
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
241 Ship carpenter. Moved into the William Herbert Gesner house after his father died.

1870 Federal Census, Palisades, Rockland County, New York. Eugene Gesner, age 39, ship builder, Martha J., age 30, Ida E., age 13, David H., age 10, Winona, age 8, Eugenia, age 5, Henry, age 4, Jonas, age 1.  
Eugene Gesner
242 From the Mss. marriage records of the Tappan Church (NYG&B.Soc. Lib) we find the following item (p-99).
"June 1, 1789 Peter Willse and Famiche Gisnaer, both of Tappan were married." This shows that a Famiche Gesnaer married a Peter Willse as stated in the Gesner Genealogy, but it does not establish her parentage. It seems queer that in a family where the baptisms of 9 children are duly and chronologically registered that the baptism of the 10th should not likewise be recorded. It is noted that her date of birth is given in Gesner Genealogy, and while this date of birth as there given harmonizes with the marriage date, yet I am not convinced that this Famiche Gesner was the daughter of John (2), son of Hendrick Gesner, and give this record soley on the authority of the Gesner Genealogy." J. R. Totten, "new York Genealogical and Biographical Record," Vol. 61, --126. 
Femmetje Gesner
243 1850. Federal Census, Orangetown, Rockland County, New York, p 403. George M. Gesner, age 32, Baker, Mary age 28, George H., age 7, Charles W., age 5, Robert M., age 3, Francis, age 1. All residing in the home of William H. Gesner and Mary Ann Gesner. George Mann Gesner
244 Baptized December 12, 1756, Tappan. Witnesses, Johannis Bell and Maria Ayken.

At age 16, joined the King's Orange Rangers commanded by Samuel V. Bayard, and became a Cornel. Saw action i the battles of Kingsbridge Heights and Harlem Heights. After evacuating from New York City he settled at Cornwallis, Nova Scootia on a 400 acre tract granted to him by the English crown for his loyalist service.
Hendrick Gesner
245 Henry was commissioned Lieutenant in the 83rd Ny. Y. Regiment. Henry Gesner
246 Baptized June 16, 1754. Witnesses, Isaac Brouwer and Rachel Brouwer.

Jacob was a tailor and in 1791 was living in the West Ward of New York City.
Isaac Gesner
247 Baptized January 19, 1752, Tappan. Witnesses, William Ferdon and Elizabeth his wife.

Jacob became a Captain in the English Army; and was lost at sea on a passage to Nova Scotia..

Jacob Gessner and wife Eva had John Gessner born September 1, 1798, baptized August 26, 1799. Witnesses, parents. "Records of the Corporation of Zion in New Germantown in West Jersey, Births and Baptisms." 
Jacob Gesner
248 Baptized June 16, 1776, The Irregular Dutch Reformed Churche, Tappan, Rockland County, New York. Witnesses, Jacob Conklin and Elisabeth Gisner.
Jacob Gesner
249 In 1838 Jacob went to Williamsburg, New York employed as a ship builder. By 1842, he had returned to Palisades. He reinforced his father's ire by joining the M. E. Methodist Church, and later became a Baptist minister.

Lived for a time in the "Joshua Martin House", 75 Washington Spring Road, Snedens Landing. Nicholas did not attend his son's wedding, and Jacob was occasionally critical of his father for his treatment of Gracy.

"Jacob Gesner w(en)t to Get Married abt 2 clk P.M with Bets Cooper and was Married. Started from Old Coopers (at John Willse's) I think or expect that the revd Cole Tappan married them, from thence to Slote had supper at Abraham Sarvents, had 3 waggons besides his, namely David Mann (of Geo Man) and Peggy Riker (of Jacob Riker( the Groomsman and Bridesmaid - - and Geo Lawrence & Eliza Wilsse - - and Abraham Post (son of Jacob Post) and Naut Cooper. The Married couple Returned to Old Coopers in Night. N. B. they had each Couple a one horse waggon -- A beautiful Day. Nicholas Gesner Diaries, October 15, 1831. " Palisades Free Library, Palisades, New York.

"Ja(cob) Ges(ne)r Abused me very much about the fowls, the destroyed Corn because I found fault with his Mother not being ambitious in trying to help get the fowl. Stayd out late last nt instead of coming home soon to help catch them. I told him I had not Abused his mother . . . I asked and seriously requested him to tell me what I had done, that if I had done anything wrong I was willing to acknowledge it * that I wished to know. He ans (were)d that I was not worth talking to further. Nicholas Gesner" Ibid, June 6, 1832. 
Jacob Gesner
250 Baptized Irregular Dutch Reformed Church, Tappan, June 16, 1776, son of Jacob Gisner and Anne Brigs; Witnesses, Jan Gisner and Femmetje Brouwer.
Jan Gesner

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