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351 Levi Hunt and his son, Levi Hunt, Jr., were both murdered at the same time.
Levi Hunt
352 April 22, 1704. Moses Hunt was granted Letters of Administration on the estate of Walter Harris, who died intestate, late of British officers sent over into the Providence upon an expedition to Canada.

Will of Moses Hunt, Eastchester, Westchester County, New York, dated January 20, 1766, proved May 21, 1764. Moses Hunt devised to his son Benjamin, "house, lands and Fresh Meadow, which land is to ye Mile Square Road and Bruncks (Bronx) River, and so far down the river, where there is a Great Bend, and a gullow in ye Bend. From thence easterly across to an apple tree standing by ye fence, which fence joins the road which leadith from the White Plains to Kings Bridge. And so up by said road to the Mile Square Road, including all the land and meadow within said bounds, also 1/2 my lot of salt meadow lying at ye Hamocks. And my son Benjamin is to pay the following legacies. To my son Timothy Hunt, all my land south of the Great Bend and gullow in ye river; also 1/2 of my lot of salt meadow in the Hamocks. To my son Gilbert, 10 pounds. To my son Reuben, 3 pounds. To my daughter Mary Yeamans, 5 shillings. To daughters Sarah Oakley, Martha Tippett, Vinnus Oakley, Phebe Oakley and Rebecca Gee, each 3 pounds. Executors, my son Benjamin Hunt and William Oakley, son-inlaw. Witnessed by John Sneden, Stephen Sneden and Samuel Sneden. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. VII, published by The New York Historical Society.  
Moses Hunt

I have daughter and John Hunt x'd out. Why.  
Robert Hunt
354 Sarah and Elizabeth "Hondt", twins, were baptized November 29, 1673, Witnesses Thomas Hondt, Aech Jans, Jacomyntie Goderus. "Tarrytown First Reformed Church Records."

Daughters of John Hunt and Elsje (Alice) Baxter.
Sarah Hunt
355 Tarrytown Records for childeren. Stephen Hunt
356 Court of Sessions, Presentment. First Wednesday of October 1672," Thomas Hunt, Jr. bound over by the Court of Sessions at Jamaica about Hogg stealing." Source: New York Historical Manuscripts. English," edited by Peter R. Christoph, G. B. Co., 1980.

The patent for West Farms was granted to John Richardson and Edward Jessup April 25, 1666. Edward Jessup's daughter Elizabeth, was the wife of Thomas Hunt, that he named in his will, and his part came into their possession. The whole was divided in 1669.

Will of John Richardson, Westchester County, New York dated November 16, 1679, leaves to wife Martha, "all my housing and orchard and all movables without and within, and all my land and meadow in the Planting neck, and all the Long Neck, that runs southward from THOMAS HUNT'S new dwelling house to the Sound. During her life. Leaves to son-in- law Joseph Hadley, a pasture of 8 acres at or about the first spring. "To my 3 daughters, Bethia, wife of Joseph Ketchum of Newtown, Mary, wife of Joseph Hadley and Elizabeth, wife of Gabriel Leggett, all the meadow that is already divided on this side of the river above the Planting neck." Leaves to Joseph Richardson, "my brother's son" in England 100 acres of land, if he comes within the space of one whole year. If he does not come, then it is to go to his wife Martha. Leaves rest of estate to his three daughters. Makes Wm. Richardson and Richard Panton of Westchester, and Jonothan Hazard of Newtown executors. Witnessed by Walter Webly, John Laurence, Thomas Hunt, Jr., Edward Walters. "Abstracts of Wills", Vol. I, p 64-65, published by the New York Historical Society.

Thomas Hunt, II
357 Inventory of the estate of George Tippetts of Yonkers, late deceased, was taken September 29, 1675, by THOMAS HUNT, SR., of Westchester, Wm. Hayden of Eastchester and Edward Griffing, of Flushing. "Tract of land and meadow he purchased of Elias Doughty, with the new dwelling house, orchard and barn." 100 pounds. Debts owing to Captain John Manning, "Blydenburgh of New York," Robert Story, Thomas Pritchard, John Cooley, Timothy Winter, Westchester, Thomas Farrington, Westchester, John Adding, John Baker of Fordham, John Veale of Westchester. Ibid, published by the New York Historical Society.

Col. Lewis Norris left a will dated February 7, 1690, proved May 15, 1691, listing his many properties, one of which, "I leave to John Bowne of Flushing, one negro girl that is at old Thomas Hunts."

Will of Thomas Hunt, Sr., Westchester, dated October 1, 1694. "In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Hunt, Sr., of the Grove Farm, in Westchester, being at this time weak in body. In order to settle and distribute my estate to prevent all discords and troubles, that might otherwise arise among my children. I leave to Josiah Hunt, the eldest son of my son Josiah Hunt, and to his heirs male, all my lands and meadows, known and called by the name of the Grove Farms, as mentioned in my Patent granted by Governor Richard Nicolls, Dated 4 of December 1667, with all the houses and improvements thereon, with all household goods and articles of husbandry, and all live stock. And I do entail the said lands in his heirs male, from generation to generation, and no part of the same to be sold or disposed of. If he die without issue, then to his next surviving brother. I leave to my four sons, Thomas, Joseph, John and Josiah, 10 pounds each. To my daughter Abigail Pinckney, 10 pounds. Legacies to grandchildren, Abigail, daughter of my son Thomas, Abigail, daughter of my son Josiah, Martha, daughter of my son Joseph. My negro man Mungo is to live on the farm seven years and then to be free. I desire my friends, William Laurence of Flushing, and Thomas Stevenson of Newtown, to be overseers of my will." Signed and sealed, Thomas Hunt, Sr. Witnesses Robert Hoyt, Joseph Haviland, Edward Collier.
"Abstracts of Wills," Vol. I, p 248-9, published by The New York Historical Society.

Inventory of estate of Thomas Hunt, Sr., of the Grove Farm in Weschester, who died he 8th day of February 1694. 12 cows and 11 oxen, 17 head of young cattle, 30 bushels of wheat, 20 bushels of rye, 25 bushels of Indian corn, houses, lands, orchards and meadow. Large amount of household goods, etc. Taken February 14, 1694 by John Drake and Edward Collier. Ibid, p 256/7.  
Thomas Hunt
358 Thomas Hunt was one of the witnesses to the will of John Splinter, and gave his age as 40.  Thomas Hunt, III
359 Thomas Hunt, Esq., left a will dated July 26, 1756, proved July 15, 1758, of Borrough Town of Westchester. (Condensed) Named wife Mary, executor. To eldest son Stephen, "salt meadow I bought from William Laurence." To son Charles, "two tracts of land I bought of executors of Moses Fowler by Deed, November 14, 1745." To son Elvin, "if he dies underage, then to wife." Grandsons Sylvester Hunt, son of my son Stephen Hunt, Robert Hunt, Jr. son of my daughter Christina, and John Hunt, son of my daughter Alethea. Children and grandchildren named were, viz., Stephen, Charles, Alethea, wife of John Hunt, Anna, wife of John Legett, Helena, wife of Jonothan Odell, Martha, wife of John Tippett, Myana Hunt, and grandson, Robert Hunt, Jr. Daughter Anna, wife of John Leggett, 10 pounds. Heirs of daughter Christina, 5 pounds, daughter Alethea, wife of John Hunt, her daughter Elizabeth. Daughter Helena, wife of Jonothan Odell 5 pounds, Dauther Myana Hunt, 100 pounds. Witnesses, John Bartow, Samuel Embree, John Embree. "Abstracts of Wills", published by New York Historical Society, Vol. V., p 280.

It is not determined by which wife he had which children. 
Thomas Hunt
360 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
361 Will of Timothy Hunt, Eastchester, Westchester County, New York, dated October 18, 1771, proved January 31, 1772. "To my wife Sarah, 1/3 all movables, and my best bed. Executors may sell all the rest of movables except my wearing apparel, and pay all debts. Executors to sell the land that lyeth between Thomas Farringtons and Jacob Rich's land, that adjoins the road and Broncks River in Eastchester, but it is not to be sold within two years after my decease. The money is to be used to pay debts and the rest to my wife and two daughters, Phebe and Eunis. To sons, Eliah, Aaron and Timothy, all the rest of my lands and meadows and they are to pay to my son Moses, 30 pounds each when he is of age, but my wife will have the use of same till my youngest son Timothy, is of the age 14. My brother-in-law, David Oakley and Moses Drake, executors. Witnessed by Eurie Oakley, Moses Fowler and Jean Drake. "Abstracts of Wills,", Vol VIII, p. 12, published by The New York Historical Society. Timothy Hunt
362 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
363 Baptized December 17, 1712. Witnesses, Harmanus and Theuntje Van Gelder. Catharine Hyer
364 Baptized April 2, 1716. Witnesses Johannes Van Gelder, Harmsz., Marytie Heyer. Cornelia Hyer
365 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
366 Baptized September 6, 1685
Catalyntie Idens
367 Baptized January 22, 1679. Dina Idens
368 Baptized February 11, 1674. Ide Idens
369 Baptized June 26, 1677. Joost Idens
370 Baptized May 14, 1681. Saertie Idens
371 In 1898 Catharine Irwin stated she knew Mary E. Bronson, last wife of Cornelius Valentine,

In 1880 Catharine and her first husband, George Ducher, were living on Van Houten Street, Paterson, New Jersey, p306, and her mother, Delia "Davis", and brother, C. Frank Davis, age 17, born 1827 were living in Catharine's home with her Ducher children. (Census record)

In 1900 Mary Valentine, born July 1885, New Jersey was living with Catharine and James Irwin as "cousin", along with Delia "Valentine", as mother-in-law to James Irwin. (Census record)
James Irwin
372 1860. Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey Federal Census, East Ward, household 407/539. Thomas Irwin, born 1818, England, watchmaker, Mary Irwin, born 1811, England (wife), and children as shown.  Thomas Irwin
373 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
374 Marritje's first husband was the West India Company's chief ship write on Manhattan. Her second was carpenter turned farmer. Her third and last marriage to Govert Loockerman, fur trader and landowner who was probably New Amsterdam's richest man at the time of their marriage in 1649.

Marritje Jans granted a power of attorney to Rev. Evardus Bogardus to receive money due her mother by the West India Company in Amsterdam, Again by power of attorney to her sister Annetie Jans, widow of the late Rev. Evardus Bogardus on August 17, 1649, to Cornelis Willemsen Bogaert, to receive moneys due her mother, Tryn Jonas, by the West India Company at Amsterdam. Cornelis Willemsen Bogaert was a brother of Rev. Evardus Bogardus, who in 1547/8, was living in Leyden, South Holand.

Marritje Jans (translated as Mary Jansen) left a will dated May 7, 1677, written in the Dutch fashion by Wm. Bogardus, Notary Public. and a codicil dated November 1, 1677. In her will Marritje leaves to Cornelius, Timothy and Margaretta Van der Veen, children of her daughter, Elsie Liesler, by Peter Cornelis Van der Veen, each 100 guilders, in Beavers and 8 guilders a piece. To Anna Bogardus, daughter of Wm. Bogardus, 50 shillings. Leaves the rest of her property to her children Elsie Tymans, married with Jacob Leisler. Cornelis Dircksen, married with Gelise Hendricks and Jacob Loockerman not married yet. She made her cousin, Mr. Johannes Van Brugh, and Mr. Francis Rumbout alderman of this city, her executors. Witness, John Dervall and Cornelis Cregier.

Codicil, November 1, 1677, leaves to son, Cornelis Dircksen, a negro boy. To daughter Elsie Leisler, a golden earring, made of gold, which was partly given to her by her grandmother. To son, Jacob Loockerman, her diamond rose ring. To son, Cornelis, the Great Bible, and to his wife, 8 silver spoons. To Mary, daughter of Johanus Van Brugh, a silver bodkin. To her granddaughter, Margaret Van der Veen, a silver chain with keys. To granddaughter, Susannah Leisler, a silver chain with a case and cushion. Witnessed by her neighbors, Mr. Carsten Learsen and Mr. John Cavilleer. Both the will and codicil were approved July 22, 1678 by Mathias Nicoll, Sec.

By Commander in Chief. Whereas Johannes Van Brugh, executor of the estate of Mary (Marrietje Jans) the wife of Gouvert Loockerman, deceased, hath set forth in his petition that by reason of great age and infirmities he is incapable of executing the said office, but hath exhibited an account, but on account of the aforesaid is not able to come before me. It is ordered that James Graham, Esq., administer the oath to him according to law. Done January 22, 1691.

Inventory of estate of Gouvert Lockerman, and Account. Charges for them that carried the body of Maria (Maritje Jans) Loockerman to ye grave, 200 guilders. To Clerke of ye yard 40 guilders. To Mr. Thomas Lovell for translating the last will of Maria Lockerman, 18 guilders. Paid to Albert Bosch for Shrines for ye coffin, 10g., 10s. Dr. Lockhart for medicines, 34g. To Edward Griffith for two Beavers, 48 g. A carpenter 2 1/2 days work, 20 g. "Abstracts of Wills", Vol. I., pp 194,195, published by The New York Historical Society. 
Marritje Jans
375 Patent to Tymen Jansen July 3, 1643, piece of land on Manhattan, bounded west by Hendrick Jansen, etc. Patent to Burger Jorisz, a piece of land at Mespachtes Kill on the east side, extending along Tymen Jansz' land, 165 rods.

February 2, 1651, Conveyance to Claes Hendrickx from Govert Loockermans by virtue of a patent granted to the deceased husband of Maryetie Tiemens (Rolofse), named Tymen Jansen dated July 3, 1641, there is now conveyed to Claes Hendrickx a lot located east of the house now occupied by Govert Lookermans, etc., on the north side along Jan Damen's land, etc.

March 22, 1639. Tymen Jansen, ship carpenter, aged about 36 years, appeared and attested that it is true and truthful that he, the deponent, as ship carpenter worked and was employed on all the new and old work which Mr. Twiller during his administration here caused to be executed. The ships Tymen worked on are all listed.

April 16, 1639. Declaration of Jacob Stoffelsen and others as to the ruinous condition of Fort Amsterdam, the farms, mills and other public property on the arrival of Director Kieft. Jacob Stoffelsen, overseer, aged about 37 years, Gillis Pietersen van der Gouw, master house carpenter, aged 27 years, and Tymen Jansen, ship carpenter, aged 36 years, jointly attested that it is true that on the 28th of March anno 1638, being the day on which Mr. Willem Kieft safely arrived here by the ship "De Harinck," Mr. Kieft found Fort Amsterdam, with the exception only of the stone bastion wholly and entirely dilapidated, so that people could go in and out of said fort on all sides; all the cannon off the gun carriages; five farms vacant and fallen into decay and on said farms, or in any other place not a living animal on hand belonging to the Company, but all from the smallest even to the largest in the possession of other people. Moreover, every vessel was unserviceable, the yacht "Prince (Prins) Willem" alone being fit for use and one new one on the stocks. The house in the fort intact but greatly in need of repair as well as the 5 stone houses, the wooden church, shed and Smith's shop. The grist mill in operation, another no longer used, the side burned. The place where the storehouses stood can hardly be recognized. The late Director Van Twiller also allowed work to be done for various persons. All of which we, as the deponents, declare to be true and truthful, etc. (X) mark of Jacob Stoffelsen, (X) mark of Tymen Jansz, Jillis Pietersen signed in his own hand.

May 30, 1639. Promissory note of Tymen Jansen to the deacons of Fort Amsterdam, New Netherland, in the sum of one hundred Carolus guilders, with the interest at five per cent per annum, free of costs and charges, the first penny with the last, without any exception or reservation, etc.

September 29, 1639. Tymen Jansen from Amsterdam, gave power of attorney to Lourens Lourensen
from Vlecken to collect and receive for and in the name of him, the principal, from Harmen Hendricksen, mast maker at Amsterdam, the sum of one hundred Carolus guilders, being certain moneys received from Messrs. directors of the Chartered west Indian Company, chamber at Amsterdam, and in case the above mentioned Harmen Hydricksen refuse to pay the aforesaid moneys to the said Lourens Lourensen, he shall have power to prosecute Harmen Heyndricksen at law and to either as plaintiff or defendant to the end. When and if the moneys were paid to Lourens Lourensen, he was to give a receipt, etc. (x) mark of Tymen Jansen.

February 7, 1640. We the undersigned, Everardus Bogardus, minister in New Netherland, and Tymen Jansen, carpenter, chosen this day guardians of the minor and surviving children of Cornelis Van Voorst, deceased, hereby promise to manage and administer as faithful guardians the effects and patrimony of the aforesaid minor children as is customary and ought to be done with orphans property; to protect their interests in all cases where they have a right, to sue for the recovery of property belonging to them and either as plaintiffs or defendants to prosecute the case before all court, judges and justices, for all of which we bind our persons and property according to law. Signed Everhard Bogardus, Eccl. Manahat. (x) mark of Tymen Jansen. (Refer Evardus Bogardus Notes.)

April 4, 1640. Appeared Claes Groen and Pieter Lievesen, who have agreed with Tymon Jansen, Pieter Cornelissen and Philip de Truy to herd all their goats during one year, a year for each goat and buck, the goats to run about every day, be the weather good or bad. All of which they promised faithfully to perform, agreeing to take care of the goats and bucks as if they were their own and if any accident occurs in the woods they shall produce proper evidence and proof thereof.

February 2, 1651, Conveyance to Claes Hendrickx from Govert Lookermans by virtue of a patent granted to the deceased husband of Maryetie Tiemens (Rolofse), named Tymen Jansen dated July 3, 1641, there is now conveyed to Claes Hendrickx a lot located east of the house now occupied by Govert Lookermans, etc., on the north side along Jan Damen's land, etc.

"New York Historical Manuscripts - Dutch, Land Papers," Vol. I, translated and edited by Charles T. Gehring under direction of the HS of NY, 1980.
"New York HIstorical Manuscripts - Dutch, Register of the Provincial Secretary." (Cornelis Van Tienhovn) Vol. I.  
Tymen Jansen
376 1880. Galien Township, Berrien County, Michigan. L. Jeffris age 41, farmer, born Indiana, wife Julie age 33, born New York. Louse Valentine, age 68, born New York.

1900. Same location. Lycurgus Jeffries age 62, born Indiana, wife Julia S. age 54, born New York, son Ernest age 32, born Michigan. Daisey Valentine age 24, born Ireland, daughter-in-law, granddaughter Mary E., age 6, born Michigan, grandson John W. age 5, born Michigan, granddaughter Julia age 3, born Michigan. Samantha Valentine, born October 1811, New York, mother-in-law.  
Lycurgus Jeffries
377 Edward Jessup Westchester, left a will dated August 16, 1666, proved November 14, 1666 at Flushing, "being sicke and weake", devised to his daughters, Elizabeth Hunt and Hannah Jessup 35 pounds to be paid to them when at age 18. Legacies to son Edward, and grandchild, Mary Hunt, to cousin Johana Burroughs, and to Derrick Garrison. His wife Elizabeth was appointed sole executrix, of his estate, of all lands, houses and goods, and "she is to bring up my tow children in the fear of God. I appoint my well beloved friends, Richard Cornhill, J. P., Mrs. Sarah Bridges, my brother-in-law John Burrows, and Ralph Hunt overseers of my will, and to be assistants to my executrix. Witnessed by William Goulding, John Richardson, Richard Horton. Witness to the inventory of the estate was Thomas Hunt. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. I., p 4, published by The New York Historical Society. Edward Jessup
378 Family changed name to Evans at some point. Sophie Jevelinsky
379 Susanna Jillis, first wife of Nicholas Varleth is reportedly a sister of Margaret Jillis, the wife of David Provoost.  Susanna Jillis
380 Married unknown and had one child. Jr. Oblinis John
381 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
382 His middle initial of J was on Nina Hoyem marriage license. He cam from Sweden and was listed as a miner in Calumet, MI on Nina's birth certificate which was filed in 1958. They lived on Cemetary St. in Laurium and are buried in Isle 2 of the Calumet Cemetary. Charles J. Johnson
383 Chester R. Johnson was a mounted policeman in Detroit, Michigan Chester R. Johnson
384 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
385 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
386 [hoyem2.FTW]

His will listed nieces as Helen Schneider, who Gordon Hoyem Sr. said isthe daughter of Carl and Flora Johnson, Margaret Olander (Dolly) and Cecile Thomas. It listed his nephews as Roy Johnson, Richard Johnson and Robert Stephens and also listed Jane Carruth (Ella's neice).

He and Ella lived in Dearborn Heights for years on Eaton and had a cottage on Portage Lake. He worked for Ford?

lived In Stillwater Home last 
Lawrence Victor Johnson
387 Maud J. on will and headstone Madeline Josephine Johnson
388 She was listed as a housewife on Nina's birth certificate. She helpedtake care of Gordon Hoyem Sr. as a baby. Mary L. Johnson
389 Her SSI is 369-05-1319. She was a clerk, living in Detroit at the timeof her marriage. She attended Calumet schools. She worked in the baker shop with George Hoyem - helped with the books, etc. and baked great cookies, bread, etc. She was a member of the Faith Lutheran Church in Laurium. Nina Viola Johnson
390 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
391 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
392 "Origin and Some Descendants of Cornelius Jones of Orange County, New York," Contributed by Mrs. J. A. Weller, Jr., New Hampton, New York. Published New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume 76, January 1945, pages 16 - 26.

"Cornelius left a will dated June 2, 1690, proved March 10, 1690/1, naming sons, Joseph and Ebenezer; grandchild, Ruth Hyat, a minor, and daughter Mary Hyat. (The daughter Mary evidently married her step-brother, John Hyatt.) His son Ebenezer was not mentioned but may have been previously provided for. Stamford, Connecticut records indicated Cornelius Jones had five children, all by his first wife, unknown.
Cornelius Jones
393 On speical warrant, September 15, 1671. Elias Doughty, pltf., vs Nathaniel Tomkins and Ebenezer Jones, defts. September 12. Mr. Elyas Doughty hath withdrawn his action agains Nathaniel Tomkins and Ebenezer Jones this day.

"Ebineser Jones, wife mary and twelfe cheldrin: William, Ebineser, Cornelius, Nathaniel, Josuf, Benjamin, Samuel, Jean, Mary, Elisabeth, Abegal, Marce."

Ref: Census of Westchester County, New York, 1698, contributed by Robert B. Miller, revised by A. J. F. Van Laer, State Archivist, Eastchester, Westchester County, New York, from "New York Colonial Manuscripts," Vol. XLII, p 60, New York State Library, Albany, New York published in the "NY GBRec. Vol. 39, page 218.

May 29, 1714, Ebenezer Jones conveyed property, exempt from the Phillipse patent of 1693, to his sons, Benjamin, Joseph, Ebenezer, Jr., and William.

April 18, 1730, Jacob Valentine was appointed guardian of Benjamin Jones, Jr.
Ebenezer Jones
394 Hebrew name Yetta, daughter of Lieb (most likely Louis' namesake)

Per 1900 & 1920 Census, lived with Louis & Rosie aka "Rae" with daughter Sadie.

1910 Census shows Yetta as mother of 8 children, 5 living in 1910.

Per Ellis Island records, may have emigrated on the Dania, arr NY 12/24/1894, with one bag, aged 40, traveling with Breuhe aged 14 & Gelde aged 8. Note next to Gelde under date or cause of death "0-10". 
Yetta Karverurk
395 "Manhattan Deaths 1812-1845" lists "Elizabeth Valentine of Allen Street died December 28, 1834, Dutch Middle Cemetery, Manhattan, New York." Elizabeth Keeler
396 Baptized April 8, 1670. Sponsors were Cornelis Van Borsen and Marritie Loockermans.,  Adrientie (Ariantie) Kierstede
397 Baptized November 16, 1685. Aldert (Eldert) Kierstede
398 Baptized December 17, 1679 Reformed Dutch Church, New York. Sponsors were Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlandt and Tryntie Roelofs.. Anna Elizabeth Kierstede
399 Baptized May 24, 1684. Sponsors were Stephanus Van Courtlandt and Maria Renesselaer. Annetie Kierstede
400 Baptized April 18, 1675. Annetie (Antje) Kierstede

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