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51 Colus Brown left a will dated May 28, 1758, proved November 7, 1758, in which he stated, I Colus Brown, being in a reasonable state of health. After payment of all debts, I leave to my friend, Benjamin Archer, Sr., 6 pounds. To my God child, Susannah Woolsey, 10 pounds. To Johanes McClanan 10 pounds. The two said children are to be sent to school and necessary learning. I leave all the rest of my estsate to my honored mother, Catharine Brown, and to my brothers and sisters, Gerritt, Hannah Benson, Effie Woolsey, Mary NODINE, Elizabeth Corsa and Abraham. I make Evert Benson executor. Witnesses, Peter Bussing, Thomas Valentine and Samuel Reed. "Abstracts of Wills", Vol. V., p 280, published by New York HIstorical Society. Colus Brown
52 Frederick Brown left a will dated January 1, 1766, proved February 19, 1767, Phillipsburgh, Westchester County, New York, in which he stated, "With the permission of Col. Frederick Phillipse, Esq., the owner of the farm I now possess, that my wife Joanna shall have the use of the same. It is my will, that with the permission of Col. Frederick Phillipse, Esq., my farm and improvements, after custom and manner of holding farms in the said mannor, shall go to my son Evert. I also give him a negro boy and steer."
Frederick devised to his children as follows; to son John, a negro boy, black mare and 110 pounds, to son Isaac, 110 pounds, to daughter Eleanor, negro girl and 50 pounds, to daughter Rebecca, 110 pounds and a cow, to daughter Hannah, 110 pounds and a cow. "All the rest of my estate I leave to my children except Evert, who shall pay 200 pounds to the others. Wife Joanna and son Evert Brown, executors. Witnessed by Peter LaFarge, Thomas Allen, Abraham Odell. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. VII, p 95, published by New York Historical Society.

Relationship of Frederick Brown not determined. 
Frederick Brown
53 1870. Spencer Township, Tioga County, New York. George W. Brown, age 25, farmer, born New York, wife Nancy age 25, born New York, son Harvey age 6, son Orlando W. age 3, all born New York.

1880. Watervliet Township, Berrien County, Michigan Federal Census. George A. Brown, farmer, born Indian, wife Nancy J. age 31, born New York. Nancy's brother Andrew Valentine age 25, born Michigan.
George Brown
54 Will of John Brown, dated May 2, 1733, proved August 8, 1733, Manor of Fordham. John named is wife Catharine. Son Abraham to receive his father's gun. Garret and John already have their shares. Jabez and Isaac to have a gun equivalent to the rest. Wife Catharine to give each of the daughters "an outsetting" as may be equivalent to her own. Daughters, Alpha, Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary Brown. Executors were his wife Catharine and son Garret Brown. Witnessed by Johannes Odell, Joshua Bishop and Robert Barton. "Abstracts of Wills, Vol. III, published by The New York Historical Society. John Brown
55 Mary Brown's brother, Colus Brown left a will dated May 28, 1756, proved November 7, 1758, as follows: "In the name of God, Amen. I, Colus Brown, being in a reasonable state of health. After payment of all debts, I leave to my friend, Benjamin Archer, Sr., 6 pounds. To my God child Susannah Wesley, 10 pounds. To Johannes McClanan 10 pounds. The said two children are to be sent to school, and necessary learning. I leave all the rest of my estate to my honored mother, (Catharine) and to my brothers and sisters, Gerrit, Hannah Benson, Effie Woolsey, MARY NODINE, Elizabeth Corsa, and Abraham, I make Evert Benson executor. Witnessed by Peter Bussing, Thomas (Tunis) Valentine, Samuel (Leonard) Reed. "Abstracts of Wills", Vol. V, p 280 published by The New York Historical Society.

Relationship undetermined.  
Mary Brown
56 Johannes left a will dated December 22, 1696, proved 1699 or 1670. He was magistrate and a prominent merchant.

NYGB REC, Vol. 66, p 1-22, 166-177. 
Johannes Pietersen Ver Brugge
57 In 1880 Elizabeth was living with their son, Newton C. Valentine at Neptune Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Elizabeth Buck
58 Will of John Buckbee dated April 22, 1730, proved Town of Westchester May 5, 1730, named wife Abigail. Referred to seven children, not named. Executors, brother-in-law Thomas Hunt and Abner Hunt. Witnessed by John Bardiner, John Cromwell and William Foster. "Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills," Vol XI, published by The New York Historical Society.  John Buckbee
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
60 Elizabeth Valentine's obituary published May 9, 1891 in the "Mansfield Weekly News" stated that Elizabeth died May 5, 1891 at her residence on Park Avenue, Mansifled, Ohio. A death certificate from the Richland County Health Department shows that Elizabeth died May 6, 1891, age 61 of pulmonary abscess and "la grippe." Elizabeth Burd
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
62 Thomas Burling, Joiner: Family, Friends and Furniture, by Jane Thompson-Stahr, M.S.W., published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 127, pp 24-29.

Ebenezer left a will dated September 18, 1758, proved October 13, 1758, New York County Wills 21:139.

His wife died after April 4, 1776 when she was mentioned in the will of her father. A notice in the "New York Post-Boy, November 6, 1758, "Ebenezer Burling, dec'd - house, farm and mill in Eastchester for sale by execs., Richard and Caleb Lawrence." (Kenneth Scott, "Genealogical Data From the New York Post-Boy 1743=1773", National Gen. Soc., Publication 35, 1970)

Ebenezer and Mary were placed "under dealings" by Flushing MM for "undoe familiarity before marriage" (Flushing MM, Men's Minutes, 6 October 1737, HRR), their first child being born some four months after their marriage in 1737. They made amends, as Ebenezer and his wife for fornication was accepted" (MID 3:13, #127). Their first and second children were duly reported in the Friends minutes indicating they were reinstated. Nor was Mary the only Lawrence to get into marital difficulty with the Friends for her parents, Richard and Hannah (Bowne) Lawrence were condemned for "giving so much way to the marriage of daughter Elizabeth" who apparently married "out of meeting". In a monthly meeting held at Flushing the 7th day 12th month 1739. . . Hannah Lawrence accepted her fault in what misstep she took about her daughter Elizabeth's marriage and condemned it to the satisfaction of said meeting" (Flushing MM, Woman's Meeting 12 September 1739, HRR; also, FHL 0017354).

No further children of Ebenezer and Mary are listed in Friends. Sometime between 1739 and 1746, births of Hannah and Thomas, respectively, in Flushing, it appears that Ebenezer and Mary moved from Flushing to Westchester County, New York since Thomas was born there. The next year Ebenezer purchased for 245 pounds, "seven acres of land, two acres of salt meadow, house, barn (and) grist mill," in the town of Eastchester. (Westchester Co. Deeds H:159). 
Ebenezer Burling
63 The name "Burpo" or "Bumpo", was originally spelled "Bonrepo".

Ref: "Death Notices in the "Eastern State Journal", May 1845 - April 1875", Elizabeth Green Fuller, Westchester Historical Society, Elmford, New York, 1994. 
Rebecca Burpo
64 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
65 Henry's parents were Henry Ferre, born 1808, Massachusetts; wife Harriette J., born 1818 Connecticut. His known sister was Lila K. Ferre born 1841. Living at Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey 1880.  Harry C, Ferre
66 1900. Village of Three Oaks, Berrien County, Michigan Federal Census. Julius Carrier age 41, born Indiana, wife Alma age 36, born Indiana, son Ralph age 18, son (?) age 15, daughter Mildred age 4, born Michigan, Gladys age 3, born Michigan.

1910. Same location. Julius Carrier age 51, born Indiana, farmer, wife Alma age 46, born Indiana, daughter Mildred age 14, born Michigan, daughter Gladys age 12, born Michigan, father-in-law William Valentine age 68, born New York, farmer. 
Julius Carrier
67 Died at age 57 years, 10 months, 3 days Jane Caskey
68 Baptized November 28, 1686 II Catalyntie, Idens
69 Birth date given as March 27, 1809. Death date, July 2, 1874.

Ref: "John Hance and Some of His Descendants", Rev. William White Hance, published in "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record", Vol. 35, p. 133. 
Elizabeth Chandler
70 Emily Jane Chapman Valentine was listed in the Los Angeles, California City Directorys from 1888-1890, and in 1890 she was listed as "Mrs. Emily J. Valentine, Los Angeles Conservatory of Music, president, res. at 406 Main, Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Conservatory of Music was founded in 1883.  Emily Jane Bishop Chapman
71 William Rogers Chapman was a musician. He formed the Robenstein Club in New York City. "Ministry of Music" written by Mina Holloway Caswell, Portland, Maine, includes the life of William Roger Chapman.  William Rodger Chapman
72 Died age 43. William Rogers Chapman
73 Baptized as "Jenny" April 6, 1795 Paramus Reformed Dutch Church Jane (Jenny) Chrsitopher
74 Dirck Claessen was a potter. In 1657, when he became a small burgher, he bought a house and lot in New Amsterdam, and set up a pottery, known afterward as "Pot-baker Corner," located near the outlet of the Fresh Water into the East River, and next to Henry Braiser. He leased the property on August 10, 1662 for three years and moved to Harlem to manage his Bowery there, and was chosen magistrate. On November 5, 1663 Dirk sold his Bowery to Jan Teunissen, but had to take it back under a mortgage of that date, and finally sold it to Daniel Tourneur February 1, 1667, then returned to New Amsterdam to resume his pottery there.

Dirck Claessen deeded the property on September 10, 1680 to his daughter Gisberta by his second wife, and John Everts, son of his second wife Annetie, widow of Evert Jansen. It is unknown whether or not Gisberta married. When a miss of sweet fifteen, one Wm. Phillips visited her, but on a Sunday morning October 26, 1679, and she being caught acting rather free to suit the father, he indignantly drove Phillips out of the house, nearly cutting his nose off with a knife.

Dirck Clasen Pottbacker, bridegroom and Mettie Elberts Bride, before Wm. Bogardus, Notary Public, to be assisted by Bay Crosvelts and Cornelis Vandenburgh her chosen overseers. Agreeing by God Almighty permission to marry each other. They also agree that each party shall bring in all their goods and personal property, none excepted, with which the Almighty Bod has blessed them, and the profits and losses are to be to them equally. And after the decease of either, the survivor shall have one-half and the heirs of the deceased to have the remainder. March 15, 1678/9.

"Dirck Clasen Pottbacker. Agreement. March 15, 1678. Appeared before me, Wm. Bogardus, Notary Public, residing in New York, admitted by the Rt. Hon. Edmund Andros, Knight and Lieutenant-Governor, etc., under his Royal Highness, James Duke of York and Albany, etc. Derick Clasen Pottbacker, widower of Amertie Dircksen, on the one part. And John Rea, as being married Clarision, the daughter of the first wife of the said Dirck Clasen, viz., Wyntie Roelofs, and giving him power, also for Jannetie married with Cornelis Dircksen, and Gretie married to Barent Christians. As also of John Everts being a son of his second wife, Amertie Dirckse, being assisted by Mr. Boele Roeloffsen and Hugh Barents de Cleyn, requested in this same, and also by desire to speak for Gisbertse, a maid under age of the afore said Dirck Clasen procreated by the aforesaid Amertie Clasen, 'they all declaring that they have agreed in friendly love with each other as follows:'

The said widower Dirck Clasen Pottbacker shall have possession of the whole estate, and after his decease, the three first children of said Wyntie Roeloffs are to have one half, which shall be in common with his present wife, Mettie Elberts, and the aforesaid children shall have 300 guilders, wampum value; the remainder is to go to the children of the second wife, Amertie Dircksen namely John and Gisbertse 'And they are to have each one half of a certain corner called Pottbackers corner, with all that is depending thereon; being situated near the out ward of the Fresh water into the East river, and next into Henry Breasier's.': The girl is to remain in her father's house till she is married and John is to remain in the service of his father for six months. They all agreed and sign his document.

November 1, 1686. "We Nicholas Delaplaine, Boele Roelofsen, Theophilus Turford and Hendrick Jansen, in obedience to an order of the Court of Mayor and Aldermen, dated the 19th of October 1676, to make an inventory of the estate of Dirck Claesen, etc. The lot of ground with the old house thereon situated and lying in the Heer Gracht," 75 pounds. "The lot of ground and old house, situated in Petticoat Lane, 25 pounds. Total amount, 126 pounds. Sworn to this date.

"Abstracts of Wills", Vol. I, pp 135-136, published by The New York Historical Society.
"Revised History of Harlem (City of New York) Its Origin and Early Annals," James Riker, 1904.  
Dirck Claessen
75 Baptized January 28, 1656. No witnesses. Jannetie Claessen
76 Baptized March 17, 1602/3, Walloon Church, Canterbury, Kent Co., England Catherine Clarisse
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
78 1880. City of Cohoes, Albany County, New York Federal Census. Ward Clow age 23, born New York, wife Addie age 23, born New York, son Freddie age 11 months, born New York

1900. Same location. Ward Clow age 41, wife Adeline Clow age 41, Fred Clow age 20, daughter Adeline age 19, all born New York. Adeline's parents are indicated as father born in Ireland and her mother born in Canada.

1910. Same location. Ward Clow age 51, wife Annie Clow age 51, son Fred V. Clow age 30, daughter Addie C. Clow age 29, all born New York.  
Ward Clow
79 Died age 49 years, 9 months, 17 days of TB. Cornelia (Cecelia) Coe
80 In 1860, Westchester County, New York Federal Census, hh 623 , Elizabeth Valentine, age 52, born NY was living five doors away from William H. Arnow's household. In her home, Elizabeth's children were Andrew, age 24, oysterman, Ellen age 22, and Herman, age 29, a carpenter, all born New York. Elizabeth Coles
81 1870 Federal Census, Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey. James Commoss, age 46, grocer, born New Jersey, Mary E. Comoss, wife, age 43, born New York, Peter V. Commoss, son, age 20, born New Jersey, James G. Commoss, son, age 16, born New Jersey, Mary E. Commoss, daughter, age 13, born New Jersey, Ella M. Commoss, daughter, age 10, born New Jersey, and Bertha M. Commoss, daughter, age 6, born New Jersey.

1880 Federal Census, Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey. James Commoss, age 58, grocer, born New York, Mary E. Commoss, wife, age 52, born New York, Mary E. Commoss, daughter, age 21, Ella M. Commoss, daughter, age 19, and Bertha M. Commoss, age 16.  
James Commoss
82 Baptized March 16, 1653. Lysbeth Cray
83 Baptized June 12, 1650, Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam. Witnesses, Herck Sibrts (aka Hendrick Siboutsen Krankeyt), and his wife, Weyntie Theunis Cray. Metje Theunis Cray
84 Tunis Cray from Venlo in the Province of Limburg, Netherlands. "New Netherlands and Her People", John H. Innes.

Teunis Cray, Contractor fo George Borlemgen to serve Teunis Cray for 1 year, for 70 Holland guilders at 20 stivers the builder, to do all work and obey Thonis Cray, his master. Done at Fort Amsterdam, June 6, 1639.

John Obbsen (Hohn Hobsen, appeared and in the presence of the undersigned witness, transferred and conveyed to Tonis Cray all such title as he claims to the maize land near Fort Hope on the Frsh River which land he has cultivated with Tonis Cray, acknowledging he has been paid by Teunis Cray for his share. September 22, 1639.

June 20, 1640, Fort Amsterdam. Lease to Tonis Cray of 2 cows belonging to the West India Company. Teunis Cray from Venlo appeared and acknowledged he has hired and received 2 cows sent to New Netherland by the Director of the West India Co. in the ship "Fire of Troy". Lease to begin on August 1, 1639, ends August 1645, during which time Tonis Cray shall annually pay to the honorable director or to the company as rent for the cows, 50# of good butter, provided that the rist of death shall be in common, on half (to be borne) by the company and the other half at the risk and peril of the lessee. At experiation the company agent shall take away 2 cows, as good as these now are, and the remainder which by God's blessing will be bred from him shall be shared and divided equally by the Honorable Company and the lessee. New York Historical Documents - Dutch - Vol. 1, Register of the Provincial Secretary 1638-1842, transcribed by Arnold J. F. Van Laer, 1979.

Patent to Peter Vander Linden, August 2, 1640, tobacco Planter, land located on the island of Manhattan by Tonis Cray's land adjoins, adjoiining Tonis Crays land beginnint at a stream called "Old Wreck" until Claes Sybrantsen de Verlingh, extending to East River, etc. NY Hist. Doc. - Dutch.

October 25, 1653. Teunis Cray bought a tract of land about 60 acres of wood land "near Hellegat" on Long Island. (Teunis "Geurtzen" Craey, least Long Island lands from Teunis Craey.)"

1655. New Amsterdam authorities questioned the sale of the house of Teuis Cray to a Jew. (First Jews arrived in New Amsterdam 1654.)

February 26, 1658, Conveyance, Tonis Cray, for a lot and garden, on which he built a house, along the Common Canal, north of Michiel Picet's land, etc., April 15, 1647, whereas Teunis Kraay has sold the certain lot, aforesaid patent with the house standing on it to Solomon Le Chair, the lot had been fenced but by survey it was found it did not belong to him completely, but to the Company. In consideration of his being an old citizen and inhabitant, it was granted to him that he would have power to convey the property he sold. "New York Historical Manuscripts - Dutch", translated and edited by Charles T. Gehring, pub. under dir. of the HS of NY, 1980.

January 3, 1661. Teunis Cray, father-in-law of Jan Gerritsen de Vries, posted bail for his son-in-klaw who had been charged with theft. Officer Pieter Tonneman, pltf. vs Jan Gerritsen de Vries, defendant and prisoner. Pltf. concluded that the deft. shall be condemned for his perpetrated theft, to be fixed to a stake at the place of justice and there scourged and further banished for the term of four consecutive years by this City's jurisdiction, moreover, for his blow, in fine of one hundred guilders as the blood followed; all with costs , producing certain declartion taken to that effect. The deft. denied stealing the meat.

November 3, 1661. Appeared before the board, Teunis Cray who produced a bill against the widow of Hendrick Pietersen van Hassellt for board and attendance given to her during the time the said widow was living with him. In December 1661, Tryntje van Campen said that thre were due her from the widow of Hendrick Pietersen van Hasselt, 27 fl., etc. "Colonial History of New York", 1853. "Hasselt is in Limburg, Belgium, near Liege."

Tryntje Van Campen witnessed the baptism of a child born to Jan Corsse and Metje Theunis Cray May 10, 1676.

In 1662 Jen Letelier gave three guilders towards the ransom of Teunis Cray's son, Jacob, held in captivity by the Turks. "Revised History of Harlem", James Riker, 1904.` 
Teunis (Geurtzen) Cray
85 Baptized April 6, 1690, Dutch Reformed Church , New York. Witnesses, Theunis de Key and Catherina der Val.

Will dated March 12, 1756, proved August 20, 1756, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. 
Jacob Cray?
86 Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, p 101:

Pierre Cresson was found at Sluis in Flanders. In 1640 moved further north and was found with refugees at Leiden. In 1657, Pierre left Amsterdam for New Amstel. Reportedly served with Peter Stuyvesant. Pierre also known as Pierre Le Gardiner, that is, had been a gardener for the Prince of Orange.

According to Rosalie Fellows Bailey, Pierre Cresson was first from Menil La Cresson (Cresson Manor) northeast of Abbeville, Picardy, France. He fled to Slavis, Flanders, and in 1640, fled to Leyden, Holland.

Pierre embarked for New Amstel in 1637 with his wife, Rachel Cloos and their children. A year later Governor Stuyvesant brought Pierre Cresson to New Amsterdam.

Pierre Cresson and his wife, Rachel Cloos, "both being sound of body," made a joint will dated March 15, 1673. According to their will they gave fifty guilders to "the church of New York,", whereas their daughter Susannah has enjoyed as a marriage portion the value of two hundred guilders so the testators will that at the decease of the longest liver each of their other children, then living, shall draw the like 200 guilders, and "our youngest son, Elie", if he is under the age of sixteen years, also a new suit of clothes becoming to his person, from head to toe". Cornelis Jansen and Jan Nagel were witnesses to the will.

Source: RHOH, Riker, p 101:
Rosalie Fellows Bailey,  
Pierre Cresson
87 Margaret Maria Crouter was baptized as an adult on January 5, 1848. Witness was David W. Valentine.

May 4, 1811. John Tice and Phebe Young, his wife, of the Township of Franklin, conveyed to Jacob Young of the same place, for $887.80, a parcel of land in Franklin Township, part of lot 153 in the Ramapough tract, excepting a road called Franklin Turnpike running across the land bounded by the heirs of Jacob Crouter, east by John Litchholt, south by a brook and Benjamin Westervelt. Signed by John Tice and Phebe Tice. Witnessed by Jacob I. Debaun and Gerrit Durie. Recorded December 16, 1811, Bergen County Land Deeds, G2:1. (copy of original) 
Margaret Maria Crouter
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
89 Baptized September 1712. Witnesses, Nathan Daly and Elizabeth Marchalk. Elizabeth Daly
90 In 1870 Cornelius Frank Davis, was living with his mother, Phebe Davis, 6th Dist., Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. At that time he was listed as working in a silk factory. Cornelius Frank Davis
91 Died at birth. Delia Davis
92 In 1870 Edward was age 8, living with his mother, and "working in a silk factory." Reportedly Edward moved to Pennyslvania and married there. Nothing further. Edward W. Davis
93 Reported to have been a hotel operator at Paterson, New Jersey.  William H. Davis
94 William's first wife, Eliza, died in childbirth and was buried with hr stillborn child at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Patrson, New Jersey. In 1885, William had the bodies reenterred in the new Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa, New Jersey in a large family plot. .

William's marriage certificate listed his father as William H. Davis. William Davis and his second wife were married on the same day they attended the funeral of Owen Davis at Paterson, New Jersey.

1880. Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey Federal Census, 13 Cross Street, William H. Davis, age 35, born New Jersey, Eliza Valentine, age 28, born New Jersey, (first wife), parents born Ireland.

1880. Same location, Delia Davis, widow of William Davis, his mother, was also living at 13 Cross Street.  
William H. Davis
95 Baptized September 1838, Upper Saddle River, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Died age 56years, 3months, 7 days. 
Edward De Baun
96 Baptized March 21, 1790, Hackensack Reformed Dutch Church (Schraalenberg Reformed Dutch Church). Died at age 61 yrs, 10 months and 27 days.

Land deed, February 21, 1842, Maria Valentine of Franklin Township, Bergen County, New Jersey, of the first part, and Tiny (Matilda) Valentine, of the same place of the second part, for $1.00 Maria, party of the first part, to party of the second part, her heirs, etc., land in Franklin Township, Bergen County, New Jersey (tract or piece) beginning at the southeast corner of said lot in the middle of the public road running . . . containing eight acres and 12/100 more or less, bounded west by Isaac I. Shuart, north by William May and John May, south by said John May and by the middle of the public road, and southeast by lands of Jacob W. Valentine. Signed Maria Valentine (X) her mark, in the presence of Garret A. L. Zabriskie and C. W. Christie. Certified by C. W. Christie, Commissioner. Received and recorded March 8,1842, John H. Berry, County Clerk. (copy of original) 
Maria De Baun
97 Will of Isaac De Forrest, New York written in the Dutch form. "In the name of God, Amen. Know all men who shall see this present Publick Instrument, that in the year 1672, the 4th day of June, being Tuesday, in the morning about 9 o'clock, in the presence of me, Wm. Bogardus, Notary Public, and the under-written witnesses, appeared Mr. Isaac De Forrest, brewer of this city, and Sarah Tenix, his lawful wife, the testator being sick, but the testatrix sound of body." They make their children Susannah De Forrest, wife of Peter De Reimer, Johanes, Philip, Isaac, Hendrick, Maria and David, "and the children which in the future by God's blessing may come," sole heirs to all the estate. The survivor having the use of all during life. They make their cousin Jacob Kip, and their trusty and known friend Simon Jansen Romeyn, tutors and overseers of the children. Witnesses, Isaac Kipp, Arent Isaacs. "Abstracts of Wills," Vol. I., published by The New York Historical Society.

Benj'am Fletcher, Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief, To all, etc. Whereas Isaac De Forerest and Sarah his wife are both deceased, Letters of Administration are granted to his eldest son Johanes De Forest, and Henry De Forrest, his brother. December 19, 1692. Ibid  
Isaac De Forrest
98 Baptized July 28, 1652. He was a cooper and moved from New York about 1680 to the Manor of Rensselaerwyck.  Philip De Forrest
99 Baptized April 10, 1677. Witnesses Isaac de Forrest, Susanna Riemer. Albany, New York Dutch Church Baptismal Records. Sarah de Forrest
100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living

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