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651 Died at age 96years, and 20 days.

1880. Galien Township, Berrian County, Michigan Federal Census. Samantha (nee Taylor) Valentine, age 55, born New York, was enumerated in the home of her daughter, Julia Samantha Valentine, and her husband, Lycurgus Jefferies, as mother-in-law.  
Samantha Taylor
652 May 1785. Parcel #55. Sold to Henry Odell of Westchester Co., farmer; land in Manor of Philipsburgh; bounded N. W. by land now or late in possession of Benjamin Fowler; N. by land now or late in possession of Stephen Sherwood; E. by a run of water called the Sprain, S. E. by land now or late in possession of Shadrack Taylor; S. by land now or late in possession of Thomas Valentine and Dennis Post; W. by land now or late in possession of Robert Reed; 359 acres; now possessed by the sd. Henry Odell; forfeited by the attainder of Frederick Philipse." "Abstracts of Sales by the Commissioners of Forfeiture", published in the "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record," Vol. 59, p 350

October 1785. Parcel #43. Sold to Shadrack Taylor of Westchester Co., farmer; farm in Manor of Philipsburgh; bounded N. W. by land now or late in possession of Henry Odell; E. by land now or late in possession of Isaac Lawrence; S. by Mile Square and by Thomas Valentine's farm; W. by the highway; 184 acres; now possessed by the sd. Shadrack Taylor; forfeited by the attainder of Frederick Philipse.

"Dobbs Ferry: In the vicinity of the upper dock, the ravine opens and displays a splendid view of the Hudson River. The road, passing through the gap of Greenburgh hills west of the Saw Mill Valley, follows the course of the ancient Indian path, which formerly led to the village of the "Bark Kettle" at the mouth of the Weghquaghe, or Wysquaqua Creek. The lower landing and ferry are situated some distance south of the creek at the foot of a steep bank. There was a neat hotel kept by Mr. Shadrach Taylor for the convenience of passengers by the ferry and the daily steamboats that touched at the dock." "History of the County of Westchesterfrom its First Settlement to the Present time", Robert Bolton, Jr., 1848, 
Shadrack Taylor
653 See text, "Teuntje Teunis and Her Descendants."

Teuntje Teunis
654 1850 Natick Township, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Elbridge G. Tompson,, age 35, born Maine, shoemaker, and wife, Elmira Tompson, age 32, born New York.

1860 Natick Township, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Elbridge G. Tompson, age 45, born Maine, shoemaker, Elmira Tompson, wife, age 42, born New York, Rebecca Valentine, age 30, born New York. 
Eldridge G. Thompson
655 Divorced Mary E. Branson. William Tibbets
656 Inventory of the estate of George Tippetts of Yonkers, late deceased, was taken September 29, 1675, by Thomas Hunt, Sr., of Westchester, Wm. Hayden of Eastchester and Edward Griffing, of Flushing. "Tract of land and meadow he purchased of Elias Doughty, with the new dwelling house, orchard and barn." 100 pounds. Debts owing to Captain John Manning, "Blydenburgh of New York," Robert Story, Thomas Pritchard, John Cooley, Timothy Winter, Westchester, Thomas Farrington, Westchester, John Adding, John Baker of Fordham, John Veale of Westchester. Ibid, published by the New York Historical Society. George Tippet
657 Henry Trenchard, a blacksmith, according to the 1850 Westchester County Federal Census, was born 1785 Nova Scotia. He filed a complaint that on June 10, 1820 a horse wandered onto his property. In 1830 Henry Trenchard was a juror; 1831, member of the special committee to continue a public road; 1825 an overseer of highways; 1836, a juror; 1844 in school district #4, one child between 6 and 16 attending school. Again on August 2, 1836, Henry Trenchard filed a complaint that a horse wandered onto his enclosure.

1820. Yonkers, Westchester County, New York Federal Census. Henry Trenchard's home consisted of two members in manufacturing, one male under 10, one male 10/15, one male 16/18, one male 26/45, two females under 10, one female 20/45.
Elizabeth Trenchard
658 1870. Cohoes City, 3rd Ward, Albany County, New York Federal Census. Almire Clow, age 44, born New York, Charles Dorr, age 23, born New York, Lavina Dorr, age 19, born New York, son Ward Clow, age 12, born New York, son Elmer Clow, age 9, born New York.  Almira Ann Trull
659 Edgar V. Trull, the youngest of the medical practitioners of the town was born in New York State on August 26, 1854. He read medicine with Dr. George H. Billings of Cohoes, New York, after which he entered the Medical Department of Union University, and from that institution was graduated in 1877. After practicing about three years in New Scotland and Cohoes, he came to Manchester, where he has since resided, and engaged in professional work. "History of Manchester Vermont."

1880. Manchester Township, Bennington County, Vermonth. E. V. Trull age 27, born New York, Physician, wife Catherine age 28, born New York, daughter Bertha age 11 months, born Vermont.

1900. Same location. Doctor Edgar V. Trull, age 45, born New York, Physician, wife Harriet age 32, born Vermonth, daughter Birtha age 20, born July 1879, Vermont. (Second wife?)

1910. Same location. Edgar V. Trull age 55, born New York, physician, and wife Harriet P. age 42, born Vermonth.

1920. Same location. Edgar V. Trull age 65, born New York, Physician, wife Harriet P. age 52, born Vermonth. Living next door to Bertha age 40, born Vermonth. Her last name looks like Pierce, but was recorded as Rierce, and later Freres. Her husband, LeRoy R., age 41, born Vermonth, dentist, daughter Marjorie Age 12, born Vermonth, son John Edgar, age 10, born Vermonth. 
Edgar V. Trull
660 1920. Amsterdam City, Montgomery County, New York Federal Census. Elmer Trull age 64, wife Rose, age 63. Elmer Trull
661 1850. City of Cohoes, Albany County, New York Federal Census. Two entries for Samuel Trull; page 120 taken July 27, 1860, and on page 156 taken August 15, 1860. Saumel D. Trull, age 32, born Vermont, contractor, wife Julia age 27, born New York, son William Trull, age 8, born New York, son Samuel D. Trull, age 9 months, and sister Rebecca Trull, age 22. The data in both entries is very similar with the exception of Samuel's age and place of birth which is given as age 36, born New York in the second entry.

1870. City of Cohoes, 3rd ward, Albany County, New York Federal Census. Samuel Trull, age 45, born New York, occupation Grocer, wife Julia, age 35, born New York, son Willie Trull, age 17, born New York, clerk in grocery store.

1880. Same location: Samuel Trull, age 55, born New York, wife Julie, age 46, born New York, son William, age 26, born New York, daughter Rebecca, age 9, born New York.  
Samuel D. Trull
662 Willard Trull fought at Fort Stanwix and up through Canada at Fort Ontario, eventually settling in Washington County, New York. He was a fife from Billerica, Mass., born 1763, and traveled with the troops down to Rhode Island and over to West Point while a young man. It appears he was wounded in the foot while in western New York. In his pension, Willard was considered a cripple from the wounds he received while in service, and was unable to support himself. Original copy of pension request, 1833. Information received from James Marks. Willard Trull
663 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
664 Charles Metlar Valentine, II was baptized at St. Michael's Catholic Chruch, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

Birth Certificate #33699, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. Born to Charles B. Valentine, architect and Ellen "Werty". Death Certificate #C.110, St. Clair County, Michigan, died age 72, 448 Wadhams Road, Smiths Creek, St. Clair County,Michigan; Architect by profession, son of Charles M. Valentine and Ellen G. Whearty; interred May 19, 1973, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan.

Obituaries published in the "Port Huron Times Herald", "The Detroit Free Press", "The Detroit News", "Architect's Monthly Bulletin", V. 27, p 40-43, November 1973, "American Institute of Architects" and the "Michigan Contractor and Builder" publication.

May 30, 1973. "Michigan Contractor & Builder." Obituary. "Charles M. Valentine, former Grosse Pointe architect, 71, died May 15 at his home after a long illness. Among his designs were the Cardinal Mooney Latin School, Sacred Heart Seminary, Duns Scotus College, The Burroughs Corp., Brother Rice School, St. Anne's Church and St. Sylvester Church. He was a member of the Michigan Society of Architects, the American Institute of Architects and a Fellow of the American Registered Architects. Surviving him are his wife, Dorothy; four daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Kuhn, Mrs. Beatrice Duca, Mrs. Charlotte Hoyem, Mrs. Judy Prine; and two sons, Charles M. III and Thomas R. Memorial contributions may be made to the Cancer Fund." He was also known throughout the St. Clair County area for his architectural accomplishments; both of churches and schools.

1922, Draftsman at Brown, Preston, Derick & Co., Detroit, Michigan.
1922, Resided 3649 Baldwin Avenue, Detroit, Michigan with his parents.
1924, Draftsman at Bachelder & Wassman. His father was a partner and the treasurer.
1925, Draftsman, living at home.
1926, June 26, married Dorothy Lillian Davis at Detroit, Michigan.
1927, Draftsman, Bachelder & Wassman, residence, 2924 Montgomery Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
1928, Estimator at Batchelder & Wassman, residence, Beaconsfield, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.
Source: Polk's City Directory, Detroit, Michigan.

1929, Owner of the Ferndale Stone Company, residence, Ferndale, Michigan.
1930, Depression forced move to a farm on Springborn Road, Peters Corners, Michigan.
1935, Returned to Detroit, Michigan, resided at 2nd Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. Went into business
with Phil Bresner.
1936, Moved to Port Huron, Michigan. Lived on corner of 13th or 17th & Union St.
1937, Moved to farm at 448 Mitchell Road, Smiths Creek, Michigan, now 448 Wadhams Rd., St. Clair
1939, October, moved to Ocean View, Virginia. Employed with Giffles & Valet, Architects, Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia
1940, Moved to Cambridge Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia.
1941, Moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia.
1941, Pearl Harbor bombed.
1942, Returned to farm at 448 Mitchell Road, Smiths Creek, Michigan. FINAL MOVE

Charles began his architectural career at age 14 under the tutelage of his father, Charles Metlar Valentine, I, who studied under his own father, Jacob Henry Valentine. Charles attended Northwestern High School and the University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan.

1929. Charles Metlar Valentine, II, and his wife, Dorothy Lillian Davis established their own business as The Ferndale Stone Company, Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, in competition with his father, Charles Metlar Valentine, I, owner of the Michigan Stone Company, Detroit, Michigan.

The Great Depression hit. Charles and Dorothy lost everything they had with the exception of a farm they had invested in as a "hobby". Charles had dreamed of being a farmer, not an architect, probably because during World War I, while they were living at Bedford, Indiana, those who weren't old enough for military service assisted the farmer's whose sons had to go to war.

The Valentine family farm was located on Sanborn Road, Peter's Corners, Michigan, a short distance from Marine City, Michigan. The family lived and survived under the most difficult circumstances from 1930 until 1935, during which year Charles, Dorothy and five children returned to Detroit, Michigan, and resided at 2nd Boulevard. Charles went into business as an architectural stone designer along with Phil Bresner. Timing was wrong and recovery from the Depression was taking longer than anticipated. The business did not prosper as it should have. Once again, doors were closed, the business was shut down.

1936. Charles moved his family to Port Huron, Michigan, where again he went into business as a home designer and builder of homes in the affordable range. The country still recovering from the depression, monies were not forthcoming. Hopes of establishing a new business were once more dashed. Consequently, Charles went to work for Andy Morrison's Architectural firm in Detroit, Michigan, commuting by bus to another farm they had purchased 10 miles north of Port Huron at a place called Smith's Creek, Michigan.

From Andy Morrison's Architectural firm, Charles accepted employment at Giffles and Valet, another large architectural organization striving to survive, as head draftsman and designer. The winds of war were at an all time high and his branch of Giffles and Valet were transferred to their office at Norfolk, Virginia to begin work at the Norfolk Naval Base. Charles preceded his family to Norfolk, Virginia in hopes of finding a home to live in. His wife and six children left Michigan in the fall of 1938, driving an old Ford, with a plan to meet Charles at Columbus, Ohio, who then drive the family the rest of the way to Virginia. Their first Virginia residence at Ocean View, Virginia where they spent a year prior to moving to Norfolk, Virgina, then moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1941, where they resided until Pearl Harbor was bombed December 7, 1941.

Sham battles were being fought in the sand dunes behind the home, large dugouts were readied on the beaches enabling the Navy, Marines and Army to scan the ocean for submarines and other suspicious crafts, tires and gas were rationed, along with many food items, and the war was being felt very severely in that area. The following April 1942 it was decided the safest place to be was back on the farm at Smith's Creek, Michigan, where they lived until a few years after Charles died when his wife sold the farm and moved to St. Clair, Michigan.

Charles worked for variously with different architectural firms, meanwhile establishing his own architectural business known as Valentine & Associates at Marysville, Michigan. The firm grew and became a very successful venture, his work being praised throughout the state of Michigan.  
Charles Metlar Valentine, II
665 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
666 Anna Verleth and William Janszen were witnesses to the baptism of Seertje March 25, 1657, daigjer pf Tjp,as Joclems? and Margaret Huybertz. Anna Verleth
667 See Sarah Verleth. Judith Verleth
668 Nicholas Verleth, pltf. vs Helltie Jansen, deft. Pltf. requests restitution of two halfmoons with pearls, a large iron pot, a new coverlet and some iron work of the barn, which belonged to him before the trouble with the Indians and bought from them by the deft; On condition of paying what she gave for them. Deft. says pltf. can get back what ironwork there is. Acknowledges to have had two halfmoons with pearls, which she sold for fl.40 saying that one was given to her by a captive among the Indians, and that she bougth the other for 8 stiv. Also that her husband bought a coverlet from the Indians for cloth for a garment, besides a heavy iron pot and an old cloth coat for a cloth pilch also, but maintains she is not bound to restore the same to plff. Parties being heard, the Court decide and order, that deft. shall deposit with the Secretary of this City the goods of pltf., which she has had from the Indians; and that within 3 days then to be disposed of as to justice shall appertain.  Nicholas Verleth
669 Wolfert Webber pltf. vs Judith Verleth, the daughter, deft. Pltf. appears in Court complaining of violence, force and abuse committed against him by deft. and her sister, Sarah, last week in his house; striking him, in his own house and flinging stones at him; requesting that said deft. be ordered to let him remain in peace in his own house. Deft. denies that she evr gave pltf. any trouble; complains that he berated her for a whore and strumpet, and threatened in his own house to strike her with the whip, as he daily does his wife; that he assaulted her, bruising and dragging her arm, and kicked her sister so that her hip is blue. Parties were ordered to prove their complaints and settlements on both sides by the next Court day, and further to leave each other unmolested. Webber was fined 12 stivers on account of fulminating lies, etc., in presence of the Court. June 28, 1655. Ibid, Vol. I, p 326-327. Sarah (Susannah) Verleth
670 Baptized March 25, 1657, of Jacobus Backer and Margarita Stuyvesant. Dutch Church Records, New Amsterdam. Unknown Verleth
671 Received from Candace Longly 12/9/2003. "Eunice Lamoureux (my ggrandmother) and Charles Voice were the parents of Naomi Voice Valentine. Naomi claims that her father was in the Navy and died by 1880. Naomi also had a previous marriage to Charles Hollister, ending in a divorce in the late 1890's. Then she married Edward Valentine. According to the New York Times she had quite a fascinaing life and was known as an heiress who inherited over $1,000,000 from her grandmother, Naomi C. Duncombe (my gggrandmother) in 1911, who was worth $1,000,000.00 in 1878." Reportedly written up in the New York Times. Naomi Voice
672 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
673 Baptized November 20, 1719, Hackensack Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. Sponsors, Hannes Miller, Jacob Heel, Catrina Strydt and Anna Maria Heyl.  Even Wanamaker
674 Enlisted in the US Navy at age 18. Served in Vietnam War. Earned many medals including the Purple Heart. Retired from the Navy on Feb 1, 1986. John Harriss Ward
675 In 1880 Sarah Watkins Valentine's mother, Elizabeth Watkins, age 75 (born 1805) England, was living in her home. Both of Sarah's parents were born in England. Sarah A. Watkins
676 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
677 According to family Bible records, Alice was entered as Alce Madison Weaver.
Alce Madison ( Mattison) Weaver
678 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
679 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
680 Baptized March 31, 1659. No witnesses. Gertrude Wessels
681 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
682 Raymond Whearty was Peter J. Whearty wife's (unknown) sister's (unkonwn) son.

Obituary: St. Petersburg, Florida Newspaper.

Raymond P. Whearty, 82, a former assistant U. S. attorney general, died Thursday in Danbury Connecticut. Mr. Whearty was with the Justice Department for nearly two decades, ending his career there as first assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division. He left the department in 1952 and was with the New York City Bar Association until he retired in 1966. He was part of the government investigating team in the 1948 case against Alger Hiss. 
Raymond P. Whearty
683 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
684 1860. West Farms, Westchester County, New York Federal Census, Roll 879, p 589. Peter M. Wilson, age 34, carpenter. Mary E. Wilson, age 32, Frank Wilson, age 4, Matthias Wilson, age 2, Sarah Valentine, age 30, sister. Peter M. Wilson
685 Thomas Wilson was a merchant in New York City. No issue Thomas P. Wilson
686 Lee Arten said it may be Winnsjansen or Winssjansen - he also noted hethinks Oliver did a Hoyem family tree and that the data may be in a Chinese carved chest that Shirley and Ollie have in FL. 11/04 Asta Winsjansen
687 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
688 Edward was the youngest of six children. Fred and his two sons and daughters live in Lindenhurst, Long Island. (Letter from Mildred Whearty Witmer) Edward Witmer
689 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
690 Anna Wolf was a sister to Arminta Wolf who married Cornelius Valentine's son, John H. Valentine. Anna Wolf
691 "Mansfield New Journal", date unknown, "Burns Prove Fatal to Ontario Woman. Mrs. John Valentine Dies at General Hospital Relieving Her Suffering" Mrs. Arminta Barbara Valentine died about 5 o'clock last evening at the General Hospital, death delivering her of the sufferings attendant to the severe burns which she sustained while starting a fire with coal oil at her home off the West Fourth Road in Ontario a community in Springfield township. Her burns had been of such a nature that there was hardly a chance for her to survive. There was hardly a place on her body where the flames did not reach her when the clothing burned off her body. In addition she inhaled some of the flames and was severely burned about the mouth. Mrs. Valentine was born August 20, Jay County, Indiana and was married in 1905 to John Valentine. Besides her husband she is survived by two children, John William and Marie Emma, also a brother, Simon Wolf and a sister, Mrs. Anna Valentine, both of Mansfield. The body was removed to the Neiman (?) Mortuary to be prepared for burial and this evening will be taken to the home of her sister, Mrs. C. H. Valentine of 5 Orange Street. Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of her sister, conducted by the Rev. G. A. Kie(ule?) of St. James Evangelical Church. Internment will be in the Mansfield Cemetery.

Arminta Barbara (nee Wolf) Valentine's sister, Anna Wolf, married Arminta's husband's father, Cornelius H. Valentine as his second wife. 
Arminta Barbara Wolf
692 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
693 John Hanse and Some of His Descendants, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume 35. John Worthley
694 Baptized April 1, 1860, Saddle River Lutheran Church, Margaret Maria (Maggie C.) Cooper Yeomans
695 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living

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