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Westchester County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  9 Nov 1785Westchester County, New York I1557 Multer 
2 Baxter, Thomas III  1675Westchester County, New York I8021 Multer 
3 Brown, Evert  Abt 1687Westchester County, New York I5822 Multer 
4 Coles, Elizabeth  1808Westchester County, New York I3131 Multer 
5 De Voe, Abel  Abt 1690Westchester County, New York I1964 Multer 
6 De Voe, Abigail  Abt 1700Westchester County, New York I6144 Multer 
7 De Voe, Cornelius  1722Westchester County, New York I6409 Multer 
8 De Voe, Dinah  Abt 1696Westchester County, New York I5831 Multer 
9 De Voe, Frederick J.  Abt 1678Westchester County, New York I1966 Multer 
10 De Voe, Hester (Esther)  1684Westchester County, New York I5782 Multer 
11 De Voe, John (Johannes)  1734Westchester County, New York I6407 Multer 
12 De Voe, Joseph  1696Westchester County, New York I5767 Multer 
13 De Voe, Judith  Abt 1695Westchester County, New York I5823 Multer 
14 De Voe, Leah  1694Westchester County, New York I1963 Multer 
15 De Voe, Mary  Abt 1692Westchester County, New York I5824 Multer 
16 De Voe, Rachel  1682Westchester County, New York I1960 Multer 
17 De Voe, Susannah  1686Westchester County, New York I1968 Multer 
18 Dederer, Hetty V.  21 Oct 1799Westchester County, New York I8817 Multer 
19 Disbrow, Mary  13 Nov 1702Westchester County, New York I0910 Multer 
20 Doty, John  Westchester County, New York I2342 Multer 
21 Elizabeth  Westchester County, New York I0658 Multer 
22 Farrington, George  10 Aug 1787Westchester County, New York I5918 Multer 
23 Farrington, Sarah  Abt 1738Westchester County, New York I0660 Multer 
24 Farrington, Thomas  Abt 1675Westchester County, New York I7402 Multer 
25 Fowler, Abigail  22 Nov 1744Westchester County, New York I3213 Multer 
26 Fowler, Ann  Abt 1746Westchester County, New York I3214 Multer 
27 Fowler, Dorothy  Abt 1767Westchester County, New York I3219 Multer 
28 Fowler, James  Abt 1759Westchester County, New York I3211 Multer 
29 Fowler, Jane  Abt 1762Westchester County, New York I3218 Multer 
30 Fowler, Jeremiah  Abt 1755Westchester County, New York I3209 Multer 
31 Fowler, John  Abt 1764Westchester County, New York I3212 Multer 
32 Fowler, Mary  Abt 1758Westchester County, New York I3215 Multer 
33 Fowler, Phebe  Westchester County, New York I0900 Multer 
34 Fowler, Phoebe  Abt 1760Westchester County, New York I3216 Multer 
35 Fowler, Reuben  3 Sep 1753Westchester County, New York I3210 Multer 
36 Fowler, Sarah  Abt 1761Westchester County, New York I3217 Multer 
37 Guion, Isabelle  Abt 1717Westchester County, New York I0902 Multer 
38 Harriet  1873Westchester County, New York I3077 Multer 
39 Hilliker, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1782Westchester County, New York I2848 Multer 
40 Honeywell, Euphemia  8 Sep 1748Westchester County, New York I1332 Multer 
41 Honeywell?, Israel  Abt 1728Westchester County, New York I1333 Multer 
42 Horton, Benjamin Underhill  1805Westchester County, New York I1284 Multer 
43 Hunt, Abigail  11 Jan 1760Westchester County, New York I6184 Multer 
44 Hunt, Anna  Abt 1713Westchester County, New York I4980 Multer 
45 Hunt, Caleb  10 Dec 1699Westchester County, New York I8453 Multer 
46 Hunt, Esther  1 Jan 1700/01Westchester County, New York I8452 Multer 
47 Hunt, Jacob  6 Jul 1696Westchester County, New York I8455 Multer 
48 Hunt, Josiah Jr.  11 Mar 1673/74Westchester County, New York I8087 Multer 
49 Hunt, Rachel  6 Mar 1702/03Westchester County, New York I8450 Multer 
50 Hunt, Rebecca  25 Mar 1698Westchester County, New York I8451 Multer 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bayley, Nathaniel  Bef 1741Westchester County, New York I1979 Multer 
2 Brown, Colus  1758Westchester County, New York I5889 Multer 
3 Catharine  25 Jul 1904Westchester County, New York I2197 Multer 
4 De Voe, Abel  1776Westchester County, New York I1964 Multer 
5 De Voe, John (Johannes)  1809Westchester County, New York I6407 Multer 
6 De Voe, Joseph  1774Westchester County, New York I5767 Multer 
7 Disbrow, Mary  Dec 1759Westchester County, New York I0910 Multer 
8 Farrington, Thomas  Abt 1654Westchester County, New York I1192 Multer 
9 Guion, Louis  1731Westchester County, New York I5851 Multer 
10 Honeywell, Euphemia  25 Nov 1817Westchester County, New York I1332 Multer 
11 Huestis, Abigail  1743Westchester County, New York I1352 Multer 
12 Hunt, Joshua Sr.  Abt 1760Westchester County, New York I5784 Multer 
13 Hunt, Thomas  8 Feb 1693/94Westchester County, New York I8077 Multer 
14 Jones, Benjamin  Westchester County, New York I0085 Multer 
15 Jones, Ebenezer  Westchester County, New York I0157 Multer 
16 Lane, Thankful  29 Dec 1907Westchester County, New York I1503 Multer 
17 Miller, Sarah C.  8 Feb 1888Westchester County, New York I1274 Multer 
18 Rich, Abraham  1787Westchester County, New York I5861 Multer 
19 Richardson, John  1679Westchester County, New York I1977 Multer 
20 Stivers, Ann  26 Aug 1783Westchester County, New York I0999 Multer 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Wilson /   28 Jun 1854Westchester County, New York F0158 Multer