David Multer

You've found your way to my little corner of the world. As you can probably tell, I'm the man that brings you this site. First a little background.

I've been doing software development since the 1970s, which is way longer than I can even fathom. I earned my degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I've worked for or started companies like IBM, Burroughs, Apple, NetManage, Moniker, Meridian Data, Cheyenne, Agate, fusionOne, and Silverback Systems. You can see all the details in my resume. Currently I'm building a new startup called Pairsly that's creating a new way for developers to connect with each other and learn through coding together.

I have a number of interests that have received a varied amount of focus over the years. I've always been big on math and science and have translated that primarily into my love of technology in general, and software in particular. I love road bicycling and have been riding seriously for many years. I ride in the mountains of Santa Cruz pretty much every day. Lately I've been pursuing an interest in evolutionary biology. Go figure.

I've built a few websites over the years and enjoy working with the very latest standards in HTML, XML, and CSS. If you're a fan of any of my simple yet clean websites, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my wife Charlotte and my kids Nick, Monica, and Gabe. I love it here and though I've moved many times in the past, I think I've finally found my real home and plan on hanging out here for quite a while.


You can contact me using any one of the methods from this ridiculously long list.

If you really know me you can also try to connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. For those with an interest, you can check out my wish list on Amazon.


I keep track of topics that interest me on my wiki. You're welcome to take a look.