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I've been a cycling nut for more years than I care to remember. I started to ride more seriously while I worked for Burroughs in Boulder. I was riding a Mercian at the time and enjoyed riding local routes like the Morgul Bismark and along the front range. I recall the time the Coors Classic had a criterium right across from my aparment near North Boulder Park. Looking back, I sure wish I had ridden even more at that time. I had no idea how awesome Boulder was for cycling during that era, and how special a time it was for US cycling.

I became a truly serious rider after moving to California to work for Apple. I spent many years riding with a great group of people like Larry Nolan, Scott Leahy, Kurt Kruger, Mark Francavilla, Tim Larson, Randy Pufahl, Richard Andersen, and quite a few others. Our lunch time ride was really the start of quite a tradition at Apple. I spent most of those years riding a Serotta and doing the occasional race.

After so many great years of riding with an outstanding group, it was a big transition getting used to riding on my own once I left Apple for the startup world. Of course the time demands and arrival of children also played a big role in cutting back my riding. After many years without satisfying my love of riding, I finally got back into it following my departure from fusionOne in 2002. I was amazed how fast I shed the pounds and got back into great shape. I rewarded my efforts with the latest carbon fiber wonder from Trek. After putting about 40,000 miles on my Trek, I've moved on to an S5 from Cervelo.

Nowadays you'll find me riding the mountains of Santa Cruz pretty much every day. I ride mostly on my own, but sometimes ride with friends on the weekend in Santa Cruz. I've recently picked up the racing bug again and plan on a number of USCF road and track races. Stay tuned for the latest results.


I keep my favorite Santa Cruz routes on Ride With GPS. You can also see what I'm up to on Strava.

I've also done a lot of the ACTC Billy Goats routes over the years.