This website is an online community for the Multer family. You can browse a large collection of stories, or find out more about the people that make up our great family. We also have a great section on genealogy for those that really want to learn more about our family. The following images are selected from some of these stories, and can provide an interesting place to start. Be sure to check back frequently for the latest updates.

Latest additions

11.11.2009 Enjoying New York City with Charlotte 12.17.2009 Vacation time in Hawaii 12.18.2009 Astronomy day on Mauna Kea in Hawaii 1.3.2010 Gabe's first bike race

Recent stories

4.4.2002 Road trip to Oregon 12.8.2002 Hiking in the redwoods at Henry Cowell 1.15.2003 Monica's field trip to Ano Nuevo

Older stories

7.1965 Visiting grandma and grandpa in Brooklyn 6.1967 Vacationing in Lake George 4.23.1977 Lynda's Bat Mitzvah