I am an expert at building and leading agile software development teams that ship products that delight customers. I am self motivated, highly disciplined, very technical, hands-on, and know what it takes to help any business succeed. Contact information here.


Universal Audio - Scotts Valley, CA

Director Cloud Services (June 2014 - present)

Leading an agile team building amazing apps and services in Python, JavaScript, and more running on a pile of AWS services.

Hookalu - Santa Cruz, CA

Founder (November 2017 - present)

I started Hookalu to give developers a highly scalable and reliable service for handling webhooks. Hookalu lets developers easily connect hundreds of webhook sources with dozens of service destinations in AWS or GCP. The service is built using serverless AWS solutions including Lambda, SQS, Cognito, and DynamoDB with front-end via JavaScript and React. Details regarding the service:

Waverley Software - Palo Alto, CA

Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO (April 2005 - March 2013)

Waverley provides software development outsourcing services and expertise in a broad range of software areas including mobile (iOS, Android, mobile Web), server (Java, Ruby, PHP), desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), and specific technology areas such as synchronization, telecom, embedded, and more.

Responsible for leadership of all engineering and project management operations including:

Silverback Systems - Campbell, CA

Vice President of Software Engineering (April 2003 - February 2005)

Silverback Systems is a start-up that is developing a new breed of processors to enable and capitalize on the emergence of IP Storage. The solution provides a state of the art architecture that carefully balances the combination of silicon and software for the next generation of networked storage and data centers.

Joined the company to head the software team. As the leader of the software engineering and quality portion of the company, my accomplishments include:

fusionOne - San Jose, CA

Co-founder, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO (August 1998 - April 2003)

Privately held and founded in 1998, fusionOne is the pioneer developer and marketer of carrier-class, synchronization software solutions that make accessing and updating information simple and seamless across multiple communication and computing devices. The company is backed by JP Morgan Partners, Nokia Venture Partners, Oppenheimer Funds, 3Com Ventures, El Dorado Ventures, amongst others. Recent partnerships include Nokia, Sprint, Apple, and Lucent.

Started the company with the current CEO based on my vision of a distributed approach to personal information usage across a wide range of devices. The products spanned desktops, handhelds, mobile phones, enterprise servers, and carrier-class servers. As the leader of the engineering and quality portion of the company, my accomplishments include:

Agaté Technologies - Fremont, CA

Vice President of Engineering (June 1997 - August 1998)

Agaté pioneered hot swapping of IDE peripherals and continues to spearhead the move towards a new paradigm in data availability and security. As a premier designer, developer, and marketer of mobile data storage and management, Agaté is committed to delivering breakthrough technology solutions that give users accessibility, mobility, and security of data that are cost-effective and user-friendly. Agaté has been licensing hot-swap technology to various OEMs since 1997, including HP, NEC, and Siemens.

Joined Agaté to assume responsibility for product development, quality assurance, and customer support of startup company's hardware and software solutions for hot-swapping of desktop and notebook IDE/ATAPI devices. Innovative Tioman software for notebook system OEMs bundled with major manufacturers such as NEC and Acer. HotData desktop dock solutions sold through channel and OEM relationships. My accomplishments included:

Cheyenne Software - Lake Success, NY

Engineering Director (August 1996 - June 1997)

Cheyenne (now part of Computer Associates) was a leading provider of backup and anti-virus software products for the enterprise. Their award-winning ARCserve, InnocuLAN, and BitWare products provided unprecedented support for enterprise data sources and a wide range of storage devices.

Cheyenne purchased Moniker as part of a plan to deliver retail storage and anti-virus solutions to consumers. My accomplishments included:

Moniker - Scotts Valley, CA

Founder, President and CEO (April 1994 - August 1996)

Founded in 1994, Moniker (now owned by Computer Associates) was the pioneer in developing CD recordable software solutions for Windows. The flagship product Spira was the very first complete software solution for creating 100% compatible CD-ROM discs using simple and intuitive drive-letter access.

Started Moniker to take advantage of the new CD-R drives for desktop computers. The goal was to provide software drivers to OEM partners that avoided the complexity of premastering applications that were never designed for everyday consumer use. My role covered every aspect of the business including:

Meridian Data - Scotts Valley, CA

Engineering Team Lead (July 1992 - April 1994)

Founded in 1988, Meridian Data (now part of Quantum) is a developer and manufacturer of easy-to-use network storage solutions. With more than four million users, Meridian Data's systems are deployed worldwide throughout Fortune 1,000 class companies, small businesses, government and educational institutions.

Joined Meridian Data as a software engineer to build a new network device for creating CDs. At the time, mastering a CD-ROM was very expensive and required highly complex equipment. The NetScribe product was designed to make this process as simple as writing to a file server. My accomplishments while at Meridian Data included:

NetManage - Cupertino, CA

Founder, Lead Software Engineer (December 1990 - July 1992)

Founded in 1990, NetManage (Nasdaq: NETM) delivers access, publishing, integration, and support solutions and services that maximize a company's investment in existing information systems and provide the bridge to the new Internet economy. Award-winning NetManage products and service offerings include a comprehensive portfolio of application integration software, host access software, centralized management, and real-time support solutions that transform corporate information assets into powerful eBusiness solutions.

Joined NetManage as the fourth engineer while the product was only an IP stack and a Telnet client. Brought on to help complete the suite of TCP/IP applications called Chameleon for Windows. The Chameleon product competed with similar products from FTP Software and Novell. NetManage was the first hot TCP/IP company IPO before Netscape. Named numerous times as the fastest growing startup of the year. As a founding engineer, my critical contributions included:

Apple Computer - Cupertino, CA

Lead Software Engineer (April 1986 - December 1990)

Started at Apple to work in a newly created networking group focused on non-AppleTalk communication products such as SNA, X.25, DECNET, and others. My accomplishments included:

Burroughs - Boulder, CO

Software Engineer (June 1984 - April 1986)

Joined Burroughs (now called Unisys) following graduation from RPI. This advanced R&D facility was working on an entirely new suite of products based on an advanced new distributed network architecture. These new hardware and software products were built on technologies such as UNIX, 32-bit processors, OSI/MAP, FDDI, IEEE 802.6, network services, telephony, integrated voice and data, and network management. My accomplishments included:


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - Troy, NY

B.S. Computer Science (1980-1984)

Hollywood Hills High School - Hollywood, FL

Graduated with honors (1976-1980)