Scott Multer

If you found your way to, you probably already know who I am. It might be best to give you a quick update on my life anyway, as I am sure it will bring much satisfaction to my brother David, who lovingly created this site.

Scott, do you still draw those funny little pictures?
I don't like to draw for 'the man' anymore. I do like to draw in my spare time though. If you are a family member, send me an and I'll send you a funny drawing.
I heard you worked at Playboy? Is that true?
Well, yes. It was funny looking at big, fake boobies all day.
Where are you now?
Right now my ass cheeks are firmly cemented to a chair and I am gazing into a hypnotizing spell of lights, created by my monitor. But really, my wife Bridget, daughter Annabel, and dog Joe live in the 'Little Italy' section of Chicago in a 125 year-old home we are renovating. Family and friends are welcome any ole time. If you are lucky, I'll give you the tour at Playboy.


You can contact me directly via email at . You can also chat it up with me using MSN Messenger (). If you are looking to send me absurd gifts of love, you can check out my wish list on Amazon.