David's Bar Mitzvah
February 15, 1975
A Bar Mitzvah is a major right of passage for any Jewish boy. It's also a great excuse for a party with all your friends and family. It also entails a huge amount of preparation. All my years of Hebrew school built up to the study for my Torah and Haftarah reading in front of one huge congregation. Services were held at the Suburban Temple in Wantagh, NY.
Rabbi Robert Raab and Cantor Walter Lewis were both there to point out any mistake I might make. Reading Hebrew is hard enough, but they leave out the vowels in the Torah. And trying to sing the Haftarah must be quite a laugh for those in the audience.
A few last poses at the synagouge before heading off to the party.
Studly poses in his hot blue velvet three-piece suit. Time for the party to start at the Fountainebleau in Westbury, NY. I can't believe I'm posting these pictures.
Gotta love the goofy poses with my friends. I guess the girls are all hot for me. I suspect they were threatened by the photographer if they didn't do it. I am so embarassed.
The obligatory family shots. My grandma Edith, and grandma Gert and grandpa Harry look great. My grandpa Charlie died shortly before and was sorely missed by everyone.
The proud mother and father introduce their son and his new manhood. Lynda and Scott bring out the tallit. Well, it's mostly Lynda with Scott hanging on.
Uncle Albert slices the Challah.
No Bar Mitvah party is complete without the new man being carried around in a chair. I was sure they were going to drop me.
Thanks for everything mom and dad.
This table is mostly my mom and dad's friends. There's Barry, Letti, Bobby, Arthur, and more.
My friends were spread across two tables. I've forgotten most of their names, but I can make out Lee, Andy, Beth, and Mindy.
Here's a bunch of people from the Multer family including Abe, Bert, Dorothy, Carrie, Edith, Albert, Shirley, Alfred's wife, and Sadie.
Another table filled with people from the Zelmanow side of the family including Gert and Harry.
A table full of Multer family including Carole, David, Norman, Martin, Elsa, Bobby, and others.
A table full of my parent's friends and my uncle Jeff and aunt Eileen.
A table of Zelmanow family including Peter, Dorothy, Edward, Philip, and more.
More cousins from the Multer family including Jonathan, Emily, Mina, Morris, and Tina.
Even more friends of my parents.
Even more family including Charles, Marsha, Joel, Elaine, and others.
A few last great family shots. Dancing with my mom, visiting Edith, and Gert and Harry.
I love this picture of Scott behind the cake. He looks like he can't wait for his Bar Mitzvah.
The party draws to a close, and studly waves farewell.