Backpacking with Charlotte and Lynn in the Grand Tetons
July 5, 1985
Charlotte, Lynn, and I are off for a big backpacking trip to the Grand Tetons. We're concerned about bears, but we're all excited about this trip and the big peaks ahead. We came close to not making it, following our stop at a small town amusement park. We spotted the rides and the lights on our drive up and thought it would be fun. Turns out the ride operator on the spinning ride thought it would be fun to let the ride keep going. We managed to overcome the nausea by the time we arrived.
Lynn shows a little leg to keep me moving up the trail. Plenty of great views.
The trail was so hot, we constantly stopped to take a dip in the river along the way. The water was so cold, it was always hard to put the backpack on and keep rolling.
A few poses at the top.
On the way down we pretty much ran out of water. We were begging for drinks on the last part. This left us exhausted by the time we got back down to the lake. Time to relax and remember how much fun this trip was.