Charlotte and her brothers in Steamboat
December 1985

Our favorite ski spot in Colorado has always been Steamboat. George and Gordy met us up there for some fun in the snow. It's really quite a drive all the way out there, but it's well worth the trip. Turns out I had to drive through a snowstorm this time that really wiped me out by the time I got there. Amazingly I managed to get a flat just before I got to the condo. Gordy met me for the very first time out front and spotted me staring at my flat tire. As Gordy tells it, his first vision of me was of some dumb loser that Charlotte hooked up with. He then says he realized I was just a brain in some kind of daze.

This trip turned out to be a big turning point for Charlotte and me. We were relentlessly teased by our brothers about the just friends thing, but it was pretty obvious to everyone, including ourselves, that there was a whole lot more between us than had been in the past. We had the best time skiing ever and from then on saw more and more of each other. I think Gordy has gotten over his first impression.