Charlotte and David visit Portland
March 1986
It's a big transition time right now. The Boulder days are drawing to a close with the shutdown of Burroughs, but Charlotte and I are getting closer every day. I was invited out to Portland for an interview with Intel. They put us up for the whole weekend, and luckily for us it was a beautiful weekend. Here's Charlotte posing in front of the Columbia river at Crown Point. on our way to the coast for the day. I can't believe we rented a Firebird.
There were all kinds of great sites along the way including rainbows, waterfalls, and plenty of trees.
We made plenty of beach stops to goof around.
The beaches were totally awesome. I had never seen such huge expanses of sand with huge rock outcroppings way out in the ocean.
As they day drew to a close and we enjoyed the beautiful sunset, I couldn't stop thinking of how I loved my dear Charlotte.