Backpacking to Half Dome
June 20, 1987
Charlotte and I hooked up with our friends Lynn, Dave, and Lori for a backpacking trip in Yosemite to Half Dome. We made our way from the valley up Nevada falls. No shortage of water along the way on this hike.
We made our first stop in little Yosemite valley before heading up to the top of Half Dome.
The hike is a never ending series of steps carved into the granite. Good thing we left the packs back at camp. Lynn decided to haul her stuff up to the top and spend the night. At the top of the steps we all take a rest and a photo opportunity.
The rest of the way consists of a series of planks and a cable railing. I decided to stay here and let those with more of a taste for heights venture to the very top.
Charlotte, Lynn, and Dave make it to the top and are clearly rewarded with one amazing view.
As if the view wasn't enough, they decide to show everyone how little they worry about heights. While they're up there looking down, they spot a rock climber coming up. Just shows you that they're is always someone a little crazier than you are.
Lynn bravely camps out on top of Half Dome while we head down to enjoy the protection of the valley.