Fun and work in Bootjack
August 23, 1988
The dock is so peaceful and inviting. One would think that vacationing in Bootjack is all relaxation, swimming, boating, fishing, and all kinds of other fun things.
You would be mistaken. Everyone needs to pitch in and work together on the wood pile every year. Gordon relies on this weed for heating in the winter, and it's a small price to pay for all the hospitality and good times. It's also a great chance to work up a sweat and get bit by the really big mosquitoes that buzz around the sawdust.
Even Chris tries to do his part. I think he'll be ready to work the splitter next year.
Another fun job is erecting a new birdhouse. This one is a monster and takes everyone working together to get it up.
Charlotte helps Chris out with an impromptu shower. Looks like Chris is trying to give grandma a shower in return.