Christmas at Valri's house
December 25, 2000
It's that time of year again where the Multers, the Peysers, and the Hoyems converge on Val and Kim's house for Christmas dinner. We have 3 kids, George has 3 also, and Kim has 4 boys. They have the best time when they all get together like this.
It's also a great time for everyone to catch up on events. There's plenty of milling around in the kitchen before dinner is ready.
The kids table appears to be the epitomy of manners, but don't be fooled. Most likely this very same table erupted into a food fight once the camera moved on. At least they're having fun.
Dinner is always a great time. Lots of good conversation, tasty food, and many glasses of wine. Good thing we only live on the other side of the neighborhood.