Family fun at the drive-in
May 19, 2001

It's double feature night at the drive-in and time for some family fun. We load up the car with pillows and blankets, and swing by Pizza My Heart for some dinner. The place is crawling with families. People are playing football, soccer, and making plenty of trips to the concession stand. It's pretty clear that the actual movie is secondary to the whole drive-in experience. Families have really taken over, so I'm not sure how much teenager action will be going on. Guess they'll have to wait until it gets dark.

The kids setup on the roof for the best view and I'm sure some privacy. Charlotte and I certainly don't mind the time it gives us. I keep waiting for the sound of a child rolling off the roof. We don't make it all the way through the second movie, but we've certainly packed a great time into this night out.