Trip to Redridge
July 18, 2001
We headed north today to check out the old town of Redridge. There's a very cool old dam, though I didn't get any pictures. We hung out at the site of part of the old copper works. Lots of fun and dangerous stuff to climb all over.
The beach and cliffs along here are incredibly beautiful.
There's also plenty of old mining garbage like this tangle. I thought it was kelp like back in Santa Cruz, but you certainly won't find any seaweed in Lake Superior. Turned out to be a tangle of wire. Pretty interesting.
The kids had a blast playing in the river. The lake is really cold, but this outlet was just right. Karen came along on the trip too.
After a long day of fun in the sand and water, Gordon and I got the traditional lunch ready. We cooked blackened potatoes and lots of hot dogs. Gordon throws the potatoes right into the fire. You peel away the blackened portion, load it up with salt, and enjoy.
I'm not sure what Valri and Monica were doing out in the woods, but it's best not to ask.