July 31, 2001
Gordon and his family joined us up north this week. Here's a whole pile of cousins hanging out in front of the clubhouse. Gordon is doing something with note cards, while Nick seems to be listening attentively.
Gordy is taking the kids out on the pontoon boat.
Monica and Kayleen have some fun swimming.
Grandma, Valri, Kim, Doug, and Gabe do the rounds in the golf cart. Gabe shows off with a very cool pair of sunglasses.
Everyone heads over to Rice's to chill out. It's become the quiet place where you can sneak off to and read a book, or just relax. Of course that's only when the kids aren't playing over at the clubhouse.
Here's a nice collection of portraits. Enjoy pictures of Gabe, Monica, Nick, Chris, and Kim. I'm not sure what Kim is up to with those glasses.