Disneyland with the Mishkys
October 26, 2001
This time we're off to meet our friends Lynn and Peter and their kids at Disneyland. Everyone is all excited as we take the shuttle bus over from the hotel to begin the day.
Time for the group shot in Tomorrow Land. Looks a whole lot like the opening shot at Universal Studios. Now I remember, we're in LA so it all makes sense.
There was some kind of indoor fun area with lots of areas for kids to experiment with various things. We also enjoyed hanging out in this strange car. I think this was in Tomorrow Land too.
Nick looks very frightened at the thought of entering the mouth of Monstro the whale. I'm happy to report that we survived the trip. We also made a stop at the Sword in the Stone. The kids all gave it a hearty try, but I'm sorry to say none of our kids was King Arthur.
Monica volunteered for a quiz show. Here she is as Contestant Number 2. She did a great job in front of everyone, but didn't come home with the car.
I took a few miscellaneous shots including Shrek, the kids in Adventure Land, and a cute picture of Gabe.
We watched the parade before leaving the park. Lots of your favorite Disney characters including the Seven Dwarfs, the Little Mermaid, and of course Mickey the Mouse. We'll certainly be coming back here many times in the future.