Having fun at Universal Studios
October 26, 2001
Another road trip for the Multers. This time we're off to Universal Studios. We're a little concerned about Gabe and some of the more exciting rides. I'm sure he won't suffer any real permanent damage.
The Mummy Returns was not a good first attraction. It was way too scary for Gabe. We tried to not bring him in, but of course he had to beg for it, and he sure got it. Lots of mummys popping out and scaring the heck out of you. The maze of tunnels was cool though.
No trip to Universal Studios is complete without a visit to Jaws. Gabe loves sharks like crazy and Great Whites are of course the very coolest. It's also rather convenient that the Santa Cruz area is home to lots of these monsters for real. I won't break the news to Gabe. He likes playing in the ocean.
The Jurassiac Park ride was really a blast. We couldn't take Gabe along, but everyone else had tons of fun. It really was a shame given how much he also loves T-Rex and raptors like any good boy should.
While walking around the park, we decided to take a break with Lucy. This actress did a great impersonation, though I suspect the kids just thought she was a nice lady.
The Waterworld show was about as good as the movie. That of course isn't saying a whole lot. Lots of splashing and explosions to keep you entertained. Kevin Costner never showed.
The Animal Planet Live show wasn't too exciting. All the kids love the show on TV, especially Crocodile Hunter. His arch-enemy Jeff Corwin had the limelight at this attraction. I personally think his show is pretty lame in comparison. It always looks like he's being way too rough with the animals, especially the snakes.
We did a few more rides at the park, but didn't get any pictures. I took Nick and Monica in to see Terminator 2 3D, which was very cool. Gabe really enjoyed flying around on the ET Adventure ride. We also had fun shooting plastic balls at each other at the Nickelodeon Blast Zone.