October 31, 2001
It's that fun time of year again for the kids. There's always something fun at school for Halloween. Kind of a warm up for the big event this evening. Gabe is the black kitty if you couldn't tell.
At home, everyone gets into their real costumes. Monica is some kind of tiger woman, Nick is a skeleton, and Gabe is Zorro. I loved that show as a little boy. Good to see the tradition being carried on.
Next stop is the Peyser home, so we can hook up with their cousins and start the candy tour in our neighborhood. Gabe and Doug do some posing before heading out. Doug looks like Nick's little brother in that outfit. I think Gabe is going to be a skeleton next year.
Abby decides to take a nap and avoid all the excitement. Her favorite toy hedgehog makes a great pillow.