Monica's birthday
November 4, 2001
Well it's Monica's birthday again and the real treat is that grandma Phoebe is in town. Of course that awesome looking cake was pretty good too.
Gabe is anxiously awaiting his serving of cake, but he's gotta get past grandma. Nick managed to get a piece and is chowing down. Gabe is trying to wait, but he might lose it at any moment. It might show grandma a side of him that she's never seen before.
Now that the cake is out of the way, it's time to get down to the presents. Monica shows off her booty. Pretty nice haul, but you can always expect that with grandma in town.
We wouldn't want Nick and Gabe to feel left out, so I guess it's presents all around tonight. Gabe is very happy with his Bionicle. I suspect he'll be asking me or Nick for help with putting it together.
Abby wants to know where her cake and presents are.
Monica lets us know how much she's enjoyed her birthday.
And I'm compelled to take a picture of my feet. Go figure.