Thanksgiving at Valri's
November 22, 2001
We had Thanksgiving at Val and Kim's house this year. George, Ellen, and their family came down for the night as well. Here Kim and Gabe enjoy each other's company for a moment. Then Gabe collapses from the effort.
Meanwhile the girls work hard on getting everything ready. Val, Charlotte, and Monica are a great team.
The kids get to eat at their own table in the kitchen. It works out best for the kids and the adults this way. Everyone is being remarkably civilized. I guess they really like the food. Gabe, Doug, and Zach are having fun checking out Toodles the bird. Lindsey and Caroline are so well mannered.
Everyone is either busying getting things ready for dinner, or circling like vultures. I'm definitely in the latter camp as usual. A few people are already bringin their food over to the dining room table. Man the food looks great.
Caroline and Zachary are getting ready to go after a great Thanksgiving at their Aunt Valri and Uncle Kim's house. Zach is in a bit of a daze, maybe it was too much stuffing.
Lindsey, Caroline, and Zachary head back to our house for the night. Nick and Lindsey, Monica and Caroline, and Gabe and Zach pair off for what will probably be a stay up late sleep over. Charlotte and I will try to stay at our end of the house and let them have some fun.