Charlotte and Valri in Bootjack
December 7, 2001
Charlotte and Valri head up to Bootjack early this year. Charlotte's mom isn't feeling well, and the girls head out to cheer her up and visit their dad. Winter is an incredibly beautiful time of year in Bootjack. It seems practically like being at the north pole. The sun sets very early and way out of the position we're used to in the summer. You can always count on fantastic sunsets up north.
Charlotte's Christmas tree goes down hard. Seems that Charlotte and Valri aren't used to real trees. When it dries up, I guess it's a bit too top heavy with all those trimmings.
Charlotte and Valri spend a lot of time helping their mom with her projects. Here's the first glimpse of the 36 legal file boxes of manuscripts she's been working on for the past 40 years. There's lots more coming.
You gotta bundle up in winter time up north. Charlotte, Valri, and Gordon enjoy the brisk weather.
The group makes a trip out to the big pond up on Valri's property. I'm sure there will be a lot of snowmobiling going through here once the snow accumulates.
The beavers have been very active. Gordon has to break out the chain saw to clear the way.