The big Christmas dinner, and what Santa left for everyone
December 24, 2002
It's pretty common for us to have Christmas dinner at our house. Valri, Kim, and their family joins us as well as George, Ellen, and their family. This year we have the great pleasure of having my dad (Ira), Karen, and Max in town also. Ellen and Kim enjoy some conversation before dinner is ready. George hams it up for the camera. My dad has got a big smile on his face. Max is playing it pretty cool. Charlotte is happy having so much family over even if it's a bit overwhelming. Hey, that's what Christmas is all about.
All this adult conversation isn't much fun for the kids, but a bit of Playstation is just what the kid doctor ordered. Even Kim takes a break to watch the kids pummel some bad guy in the game. Doug, Gabe, and Zachary always have a blast together.
After dinner and dessert, the kids take the opportunity to go for a whipped cream shot. They look an awful lot like baby birds in a nest. Man that stuff is good.
The next morning, most of the family is gone with the exception of Ira, Karen, and Max. They've staying with us for almost two weeks and we've got lots planned for their visit. Opening presents on Christmas morning is a great way to start the day. Some of the booty we made off with this year included CD players, bread machine, Lincoln logs, DVDs, robot toys, and more. Don't mind all the pajamas.
Karen and Max find presents from Santa too.
Gabe scores big with a giant crocodile. He's our little Croc Hunter.