Having fun with Ira, Karen, and Max
December 26, 2001
While my dad was in town, we filled our days with a pretty good variety of trips. We weren't ready for the long trip up to Napa, but the Santa Cruz area is home to a few good wineries. Here we've stopped at the Boony Doon Vineyards tasting room. They have a very large variety of wines and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We definitely need to head up to Napa the next time they're in town.
Another fun local destination is Capitola. They have a great little beach the kids always enjoy playing on. There are also a number of very good little restaurants. The whole crew poses for a few photos.
We get a lot of deer in our neighborhood. I couldn't resist a quick shot of a family scurrying on the hill as we come down our street.
Gabe and I spend a lot of time every weekend just wondering around the property. There's always cool new things to see. We turn over lots of rocks and wood looking for interesting creatures. I can't recall, but I think Gabe is showing off a salamander we just found.
Monica poses for a quick shot on the kitchen counter.
Though our property is pretty much a park all by itself, we still need to head to official parks occasionally. Here we're at one of their favorites, Skypark in Scotts Valley. That big swing that Gabe is using is the most fun in the area. They've even got me on the teeter totter.