Winter and snowmobiling in Bootjack
December 28, 2001
Winter is a pretty brutal thing in the Upper Penninsula, but there's actually a lot less snow up there than usual for this time of year. Rose's cabin and the clubhouse look great with their new yellow trim. We still call it Rose's even though it's now Valri's.
Grandma's cottage and the main house have gone through a whole lot of winters. We usually stay at Grandma's cottage when we're up in the summer.
Valri's house is looking great. You can just make out a part of the studio in the first photo.
The lake is certainly the most beautiful site any time of the year. It doesn't look frozen enough to venture out on this time of year. When it's solid, it's great fun to go snowshoeing or snowmobiling.
Charlotte is keeping warm inside.
While Gordy, George, and little Gordy bundle up and try some snowmobiling. Little Gordy is ready for action.