Fun at the beach by Maverick's
December 31, 2001

We met up with George and his family this weekend. The rendezvous point for this part of the day was a place called Maverick's. If you're any kind of surfer, I'm sure you've heard of this spot. Normally you don't think of Half Moon Bay as a surf mecca, but some of the biggest waves on the planet roll in here and it attracts only the most fearless. There's even a book on the place.

We didn't bring any boards, but there's more than enough fun anyway. It's kind of a long walk out to the beach along the north side of Half Moon Bay. We used to live not far from here, but amazingly we never got to this beach. George told us about it and off we went. It's pretty gray and cold as usual, but nowhere near as bad as getting into the water.

We hiked over the top of a ridge and followed the path down to the beach. It's pretty remote, so we're pretty much on our own once we get down there. Of course no kid can resist a drainage channel, and our kids are no exception.
Once the novelty of the ditch wears off, it's down to serious beach business. It really is an excellent beach.
After hiking out, we get a few last shots of George, Gabe, and Zach with Maverick's in the background.