David's birthday
February 8, 2002
For my birthday this year, Charlotte and I decided we would spend the day together doing something fun outside. Our destination was Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing. We got up early to take advantage of the tides and then headed out in our kayak. It was a beautiful and peaceful day for a paddle. Our tour was very interesting and there was no shortage of birds and other wildlife. We saw a huge jellyfish in the bay just beyond the US-1 overpass. I've been to the slough in the past as part of a school field trip with the kids. This place really goes way back into the mountains. There's also a very nice beach on the other side of the bay.
I was pretty wiped out after a full day in the sun, but I certainly had room to stuff my face with Chinese food later that evening. Unfortunately there was no Pu-Pu platter.
We did the cake and presents thing when we got back to the house. Man there are a lot of candles on that cake.