Our friendly neighbor
March 15, 2002

Our new neighbor just moved into across the street. It's actually quite a tale, but I'll only give the short version. These are well known business people in our area, and they used to live next door to Charlotte's sister on the other side of the neighborhood. Turns out they're was very little love lost between the two neighbors and they eventually moved away. I can't really say if there was ever any real connection. It then turns out they move across the street from her sister, but we're hopeful it won't get as tense as it was with Valri.

You can get a great feel for the friendliness they exude from the metal gate and no parking sign. For reference, there are almost no gates in our neighborhood, and it's already not permitted to park in the street. We live on a narrow hilly road where each home has significant acreage. This is no city street, though it sure feels like one with this sign. Thankfully I can't even see their house unless I walk out to the road.

Once my brother gets rolling on Neighborhole again, I'm sure I can post some good tales.