David and Monica head to Chicago
June 29, 2002
We started the day with a very big event for the girls. Lynda arranged for breakfast at the American Girl store downtown. We had a great breakfast that felt a lot like a little girl tea party. This of course was followed by an intense session of doll shopping for both Monica and Rachael. Monica made off with a new doll and a pile of new outfits, including a matching sweatsuit for herself. As you can see, she's literally eating it up.
Well we're off again in the Shuttle to check out our next destination. Lynda and Scott are looked very excited.
I unfortunately don't have many photos, but our visit to the Shedd Aquarium was loads of fun. I have to admit that my first thought was, how can this possibly compare to the Monterey Bay Aquarium back home. Boy was I wrong. This place was awesome and even cooler than the Field Museum.
After the aquarium, we walked around and enjoyed the day. Here Monica goofs it up for the camera with the Chicago skyline in the background.
I managed to talk everyone into heading over to the Adler Planetarium next. I love astronomy, though I typically have a hard time getting others anywhere as interested a I am. I think everyone did manage to have a great time. It's quite a beautiful building as well, with a great location right on the lake.
Our last stop for this long day was the Navy Pier. Again I thought that this would be similar to the Santa Cruz boardwalk back home, and was immediately blown away by how spectacular the pier really was. We stayed out way past the girl's bedtimes, but I'm sure they'll never forget this big day.