Some geese by the dock, then off to Jacobsville
August 10, 2002
Well it's that time of year to be in Bootjack again. It sure is a welcome site to see Charlotte (senior) in her black outfit and colorful hat. There's always a bunch of new things around camp that you have to be briefed on. I suppose Valri is getting the latest scoop on one of the many gardens.
I guess this family of geese has yet to learn that the Multer and Peyser kids are in town. For their own safety, it's best for them to find a new location to lounge around for the next month. I'm sure Joey is admiring the beauty of these living creatures, or maybe something else.
Jacobsville is always a great destination not too far from Bootjack. It's actually the southern entry for the Portage lake channel. That's Lake Superior beyond the lighthouse. It's a long walk out to the end, so it's quite a nice adventure. That's the Keewenaw Star heading out into the lake.
Lake Superior is very much cooler than Portage Lake. It's incredibly clear and it's nice and shallow right off the beach for quite a way. Monica has no trouble with the cold being used to the waters off Santa Cruz.
Chris brought a friend out from Santa Cruz for a week or so. Chris, his friend, and Charlie hang out and try for a suntan. Given the latitude, it's typically a tough thing to do.
Now for the real reason the boys get excited about going out to Jacobsville, building a bonfire. There's plenty of wood lying around and they aim to use it all.