Gordon in the hospital for his leg, and a bit of fishing
August 19, 2002

The big drama this year was Gordon's leg. He got some kind of infection near his ankle from some mysterious source. Unfortunately his regular doctor was not available, and the first diagnosis was some skin infection. He took medicine for a long time without a lot of success. He made quite a few visits including this trip to the hospital to pump him full of antibiotics and make sure he rested. We all stopped by to raise his spirits.

When his doctor did get back, he took him off the antibiotics given the lack of improvement. His guess was that it was some type of spider bite and he put him on anti-venom. It seemed to quickly heal up after that and I'm happy to report his leg is all better. I think he spent nearly a month with the leg trouble. We unfortunately missed our fishing trip to Standard Rock. It'll have to wait till next year.

There's always some daylight left up in Bootjack during the summer. And that means there's always some time for fishing off the dock.