The Delaware mine road trip
August 27, 2002
We decided to spend the day doing a road trip. Our first stop was the Delaware copper mine. We've been to the Quincy mine before, but we had heard great things about this one. The tour was excellent and quite a bit different in style from the Quincy. Our tour guide was full of humorous anecdotes. We even got buzzed by a bunch of bats while we were down there. An old style drill was on display, and I'm not quite sure what that blurry picture was.
The grounds above the mine had a great collection of paths and ruins. The old buildings used to be things like the pump house. The mine is starts at the top of a hill with a great view.
The ruins made for excellent photos.
After the mine, we headed up to the Keewenaw Lodge for lunch and some fresh air. It's a beautiful old wooden log lodge that serves up some great food. I hear that Gordon and Charlotte head up here sometimes for special dinner celebrations. They have a great garden out back where the kids played for a while after we finished lunch.
After the lodge, we headed for Copper Harbor. Man, there are a lot of rocks on this beach! There's a very cool lighthouse across the bay.
We spent some time around the harbor and shops. Look, they have geese here too, what a surprise. I think the Keewenaw Star is on some lighthouse tour. Might have to do that next year.