Day at sand dune beach
August 10, 2002

There's this beach north of Santa Cruz and just south of the Pigeon Point lighthouse that we call sand dune beach. It's probably our very favorite beach in the whole area. It reminds me a lot of the beaches back on the east coast. It has towering grass covered sand dunes, a long walk to the water, and not a whole lot of people. It's become a bit more crowded lately since they built a classy campground/lodge nearby.

We usually give George and Ellen a call and see if they want to drive down and meet us at the beach. They come through Half Moon Bay, so they pickup lunch at this awesome deli called the Garden Deli Cafe. We used to eat there regularly when we lived in Half Moon Bay. They make the most awesome bread for their sandwiches, but you have to get extra pickles for the sandwich to be complete.

Usually we camp out on top of one of the sand dunes, but today we tried down on the beach. It's an awesome place to hang out.

While the rest of us lazily enjoy the day, Gabe and Zachary start on the construction site. They're digging with great fervor for something. It might be raptor fossils, or the plain joy of destroying a cliff. Either way and adult, in this case George, can't resist watching and I suspect wishing he was 6 years old again.
George and I went off to explore the dunes and check out the view from the point. It's a great short hike and when Charlotte and Ellen heard the tale when we got back, they decided to take the walk also. We didn't take any pictures, but they did.
Nick is off on another secret mission. I think he was secretly observing Gabe and Zach, and most likely bombing them from on high.