Sheepdogs at the show
August 18, 2002

I hadn't seen my uncle Jeff and aunt Eileen in such a long time. When Eileen called me to say she was coming to Santa Cruz for a dog show, I tried my best to talk Jeff into coming as well. To our great pleasure, even Ari came along. Eileen has got quite a travel setup for her three dogs Mary Jane, Luther, and Lacy.

The kids loved hanging with the dogs, though Abby seemed a bit overwhelmed with the sheepdog pack that came to town that day. Here Gabe can't take his eyes off Mary Jane.

Monica immediately fell for the dogs and followed Eileen everywhere, helping where she could. Monica couldn't resist Mary Jane either and had a bit of fun dressing her up.
Here are the pair of dog handlers. Monica's always happy to have another woman in the house.
And it's always a great pleasure to have Jeff around.
The dog show was at Harvey West park. Eileen's grooming stand was incredibly busy. Everyone seemed to be stopping by to check out these very cool looking dogs. Monica spent the day with Eileen and the dogs training to be the next show dog expert.
Here they are heading over to the ring for the best in breed showing. These dogs always look so cool and relaxed. Guess they've been doing it for a while.
Eileen showed Luther, who was no stranger to winning being a champion already. Monica showed for her very first time with Mary Jane. She looked really nervous, but focused.
And the judge heads over to let them both know they've won! Enjoy the winners posing for the cameras.
Nick watches the whole scene from the sidelines under deep cover. He's in training for some CIA mission. I think. He's not talking, and I suspect he would have to kill me if he did.
The dog show was such a big experience for Monica, all she can talk about is heading out to Colorado and joining Eileen for the next dog show. Something may have started here.