Boat show in Oakland
September 7, 2002

That old boating fever keeps coming back. I caught wind of a boat show in the area and decided to make a day of it with the family. The NCMA boat show was held in Jack London Square in Oakland. The show had both indoor displays and a large number of boats in slips. It was a beautiful day to be outside and around boats, and I had never been to this area of Oakland before. It's a great area with lots to see and do.

The boats tended to be large cruisers with not a whole lot of fishing boats. Of course the big cruisers are loads of fun to check out. The big aluminum boat was very cool. It's a heavy duty model mostly used by coast guards. We wanted to get a shot of that one for Charlotte's dad. Gabe is checking out a very cool Shamrock fishing boat that I would be more than happy to take home with me.

Inside I found the boat for me. This Trophy fishing boat has a fully enclosed cabin. Just right for holding the family and keeping warm on those foggy Santa Cruz days in the bay. I didn't bother getting a lot of pictures since the website has lots of great images. Feel free to send your donations towards the purchase of this awesome 2359 Hardtop.
After getting our fill of many hours at the boat show, we hung out for a while in the square and had dinner. On the way back to the car, we decided to check out a movie to top off the day. I had planned to go to the science and astronomy museum after the boat show, but everyone was all tired out.