Griffin the parakeet
September 9, 2002

Griffin was Nick's pet bird. He was a cute blue parakeet that Nick loved carrying around on his shoulder. We didn't have Griffin for very long, only a few months. A friend of Nick bought the bird and was looking for a new home for him. Nick has always loved Varli's bird Toodles and had been lobbying for a bird of his own for some time. Griffin was a nice bird, but wasn't quite in love with Nick the same way Toodles is.

Now you might be asking why am I talking about Griffin in the past tense. Well since I took this picture, I found Griffin dead at the bottom of his cage, on of all days, Nick's birthday. We still don't know what the problem was, either a cold draft, or choking on some food. He was acting a bit wierd for the past few days, eating constantly. Well needless to say, I was worried how Nick would take it. Plans immediately were started on Griffin 2. We'll miss you Griffin, but life goes on.

I'm happy to say that Nick is really enjoying his new Pied Cockatiel that he named Spike. I picked out a really nice spot in the garden for Griffin and gave him a moment of silence.