Renaissance pleasure faire
September 14, 2002

The last time I went to one of these was back in the 1980s. Man that was a long time ago. I happened to spot a great coupon in the Metro that said the faire had moved from Novato to Casa de Fruta. I figured with it being a whole lot closer, the kids would have a great time.

It was actually a great location and not too crowded for the first few hours. By the time we got out to the jousting area, it was a mob scene in a hot dust bowl. I managed to get a few shots of the action before I was forced to flee.

Back in the safety and coolness of the wandering paths, Monica was unable to resist the pull of the hair braiders. Who thought she could actually look any cuter than she did already.
The food at these things is always a treat. We didn't go for the giant turkey leg, but we certainly filled our bellies medieval style. They managed to strategically place kids swords for sale right by the exit. We of course left with a pair of wooden battle axes for Monica and Nick, and a wooden long sword for Gabe. When we get home, I'm sure I'm in for a royal battle.