Raccoon problem
Oct 3, 2002

I finally got fed up with the raccoons.

The little buggers were drawn in by the cat food we leave out for our two cats. Of course they also take every opportunity they can to get into our trash cans as well. It started as just one or two of the beasts, but lately I've discovered they've got 3 or more little ones. With one or two, I was happy to keep up with securing the trash can and always remembering to bring in leftover cat food. Now with a whole family, they seem to insist on searching out every nook and cranny hoping to find a treat. They also have this new habit of walking up the side of my white house and leaving it covered with tons of dirty little paw prints.

In the immortal words of Popeye, "That's all I can stand, I can't stands no more!". Time for a visit to the local hardware store and doll out the bucks for a live trap. Over the next 3 days I manage to nab all 3 kids. They certainly looked surprised when I checked on the trap each morning.

Now transporting them to a new location wouldn't be legal, so of course I didn't do that. I did happen to take a picture of the woods near our house. Wouldn't this be a much better home for a raccoon?
I've still got the parents to catch, but it won't be long before they join the rest of the family. If I haven't given you enough details on our raccoons, be sure to check out Raccoon World for more information on these beasts than you can stand.