Thanksgiving at Valri's
November 28, 2002
George and Ellen are over the house for a short visit before heading over to Valri's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We've got a few dishes for the meal to prepare and some relaxing to do before we go. The kids spend their time jumping on the trampoline, while George and I catch up on things out on the deck.
We squeeze in a few holiday photos before we head out. You're likely to see one of these as our holiday family photo.
George, Ellen, and their family take the opportunity as well.
Over at Valri's house, everyone is enjoying themselves including Charlotte.
Gabe and Zachary have been having a blast all day. I'm sure Doug isn't very far out of the frame.
Plenty of pictures of the group hanging out while dinner is cooking. Kim's mother Gloria and his sister Karen are in town with their family. Their kids are all grown now. It's frightening to think how much time has past. Seems like only yesterday that I saw them when they were just little kids. Best not to dwell on it.
The kids have got the best table for dinner. I'm eating with them next year. I don't think Joe is into hanging with the little ones.
We did dinner buffet style again this year. There are so many dishes to choose from, it's the only way things can really work. I think Charlie is at the between-tables stage of life just like Joe.