One last day in Bootjack
May 13, 2003
A few shots around the camp before heading back to California. The babbling brook really is going this time of year.
The lake is so clear and still, Charlotte gets a shot of a crayfish making his way between rock fields.
Before they leave, George manages to drop his expensive glasses into the lake. During the summer, this would be an easy problem, but the lake is really cold still. They decide to try and snag them from the small boat, but luck isn't on their side. George finally leans over and reaches down to get them. Nothing like a nice cold plunge before heading out to the airport.
Charlotte's final resting place. She did love sitting out here and painting those little garden figures. I think she'll be happy here.
I guess George is trying to become one with the computer while waiting for his plane. I wonder if he can hear the sea like you can with a conch shell.