Thanksgiving at Valri's
November 27, 2003
Time to put in some miles on the bike before the feeding frenzy that is called Thanksgiving. It's a nice change to be riding around Santa Cruz during the week again. The rides from work are fine, but there are a lot more hills to climb around home. Unfortunately George wasn't able to make it down early enough to join me. It's always nice to have some company on a long ride.
Kim's mother and sister are in town with their family.
Lots of time to catch up on the latest with the family. Plenty of cousins to go around as well.
George and Gordon work on the turkey and the ham. Charlotte looks for a good opportunity to snatch a piece. Of course I'm doing the same thing, but I've got the camera.
Time to grab some food and start eating.
Back home it's time to relax with Lindsey's new dog Maddie. Abby is waiting for her opportunity to take a nibble.