Solvang century ride
March 13, 2004
I had heard that Matt was headed down to Solvang for the 100 mile century ride and was immediately jealous about riding in the beautiful Santa Barbara area. Then at work on Friday, Oran told me he decided at the last minute to drive down and do the ride in the morning. I was so happy to hear that Charlotte was up for a last minute weekend road trip, so off we go bright and early Saturday morning.
While I pound back the miles on the road, the family enjoys a bit of pool action.
Then it's time to head out to a local beach near our hotel in Lompoc called Jalama beach.
After about 5 and a half hours, the ride is over for me and Charlotte heads back to Solvang to pick me up.
The next stop after such a long ride has to be a major food fest. The famous Andersen's Pea Soup restaurant is about to get one hungry visitor. I'll pass on the pea soup though.
After the ride we passed Ostrich Land. It was unbelievable how many birds they had, and those eggs are just gigantic.
If you've got ostriches, you've gotta have emus too.