A leprechaun for Gabe
March 17, 2004
It's St. Patty's day and the kids in Gabe's class had an important project to complete. Gabe failed to catch a leprechaun last year, but he's very determined that this year's trap will be a success. It's a two stage trap. The first stage has a spring-loaded door with a bunch of shiny pennies tempting the little green guy into the trap. Once inside, he'll fall through a hole into a nice little home Gabe created for him. Bright and early, Gabe is ready to check the trap. Unfortunately a very thorough check of every corner of the trap fails to uncover his whereabouts.
Realization of another failure to catch a leprechaun this year sinks in slowly, and then quickly turns into rage and the total destruction of the trap. I might be exaggerating a little.
If we can't catch a leprechaun, at least we can dress up the dog. Oh the inhumanity.