Gabe's birthday
March 28, 2004
We've got a full house this year for Gabe's birthday. Karen is in town visiting, George is down with the family, Kim brought Jack and Lily, and Gabe has invited 9 of his friends. Time for one last peaceful photo before the madness begins.
The favorite play area in our whole backyard has got to be the trampoline.
The rope swing comes in a close second.
After burning a bunch of energy outside, time to head indoors for some pizza, a balloon fight, and then some Playstation.
Karen, Val, and Ellen head down for some pinata action.
Everybody gets a turn giving Sponge Bob a whack.
The hammock makes for loads of fun with a pile of kids hanging on for dear life. I can't tell you how many times its broken under the extreme stress. I hope it holds up this time.
Young girls looking for trouble.
A few of the kids are freaked by the dogs, so they have to make do with the view through the fence.
Cake time has finally arrived. I wonder what Gabe wished for. I suspect it has some connection with Pokemon cards.
I try to blend in as best I can and catch some of the unique moments you can only experience around a table full of eight year old boys.
The final episode in this most excellent day. Let's open cards and gifts.
The older kids and adults are showing signs of wear.
And finally its time to collapse outside and enjoy the fabulous day.