Another trip to San Francisco
April 9, 2004
Charlotte and Varli are off to San Francisco again to visit the Wax Museum and the Ripley's Museum. They take the world's most beautiful highway and pay homage to father Junipero Serra along the way.
First stop is Chinatown. This shop is full of really cool dead things to eat. Just the kind of place the kids will love.
Charlotte just had to stop by the frog place again. I think she wanted to get a better photo of the sign in the window than in the previous story.
Another cool hangout in Chinatown. Joe is armed and dangerous.
An endless series of photos of scary looking replicas of people you might want to remember, or not. There are definitely a few that I could do without seeing immortalized like this.
Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves. Maybe one day one of them will be famous enough to make it in here.
Time for a lunch stop on the wharf before heading on to the next adventure.
The last stop of the day is at Ripley's. Too bad there aren't more photos from the museum. I've never made it into this place, and I'm sure they've got plenty of really wierd items that you can believe, or not.
Why does everyone look so serious.