SVEF century bike ride
May 1, 2004
The day of the big fundraising ride has arrived. Charlotte has been working incredibly hard with a number of other people to pull off our 2nd annual SVEF century ride for the local schools. Last year's ride to Big Sur was a load of fun, though our first year was very loosely organized given that there were only about 15 riders. This year we've got over 70 riders and it's as well organized as some of the biggest rides I do this time of year. Everyone is excited to get rolling.
Time to assemble this year's group and go over a few items. I can only imagine how big this will be next year.
We even get a police escort at the start of the ride. Tally ho!
After a nice ride up Bean Creek and Mt. Charlie, our first rest stop is at a winery along Summit road. It looked like a great stop, but the gravel driveway looked like too much of a hike in my bike shoes. A number of us keep on rolling to the next stop in Corralitos following a descent of Eureka Canyon.
After a bit of riding on the Hazel Dell loop, we head back via Glen Canyon. The last rest stop is off Branciforte.
We finish up where we started, at Sky Park in Scotts Valley. There's an awesome BBQ and band to help us enjoy what's been a spectacular day.
I even manage to win a prize!
A few last shots of everyone before calling it a day. Can't wait for next year.